7 Golden Rules For A Healthy Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

Healthy Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

I’ve been there. Constantly checking my weight in the scale and looking at myself in the mirror. Thinking why did my weight does not come down even after all the “dieting” effort I’ve put.

Feeling dejected and starting to not care about my weight anymore…

If this is you, don’t lose hope! Like me, lots of people managed to lose weight and so can you. Do you want to know about the secret to a healthy diet plan to lose weight fast?

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 7 golden rules of a healthy diet plan to lose weight. Keep on reading!

7 Golden Rules For A Healthy Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast:

  1. Eat More Protein
  2. Avoid Refined Sugar
  3. Prioritize Fresh Foods
  4. Eat More Vegetables
  5. Set Short-Term And Long-Term Goals
  6. Exercise
  7. Persist!

dieting rulesLike anything in life, there’s a general rule for everything. I’m sure you know about one or two of these.

There’s also a rule for dieting but in this article, I’m going to give my 7 golden rules of a healthy diet plan to lose weight fast.

These rules are essential for superior results regardless of any dieting method that you uses (e.g Atkins, keto, IF etc.)

In fact, I can say that these are based on the natural way of how a human’s body functions. These rules will make you flowing with good health and energy.

So let’s start shall we. Here are the 7 golden rules of a healthy diet plan to lose weight fast.

1- Eat More Protein

rules of dieting - more proteinOf all the foods that we eat, protein is probably the most important macro-nutrient especially for those wanting to lose weight. I mean, let’s look at the other macro-nutrients out there.

Some might argue that carbohydrate is important for energy, well guess what, protein can also provide energy (and so does fat).

Fat is also very important as it’s needed for hormone synthesis and brain development. Protein is important to build our body’s cells and make up most of the hair, nails and skin.

But why did I specifically specify protein in the first place?

It’s because if you eat food-based protein (from natural source such as poultry & meat; not those protein powders) you’ll automatically get fat included in it.

Which means if you eat a chicken, you’re getting protein and fat, and these 2 are enough for your body to function normally.

Currently, most diet emphasizes on eating a good deal of carbohydrates with less emphasize on protein.

It’s even stated in the original USDA food pyramid that carbohydrate should be eaten the most and made the base of your diet (though it’s changed in their latest MyPlate which gives more weightage to vegetables and protein).

But eating more carbohydrates and less protein should not be the way to go. I’d say that the best proportion would be to eat an equal amount of protein and carbohydrate.

The reason is carbohydrate is easily changed into energy/glucose compared to protein. This means that protein will not cause huge increase in blood glucose level after eating which will be better for your weight loss effort.

It’s also uses more energy just to be digested and these reasons make it the better choice of food to be eaten.

2- Avoid Refined Sugar

The 2nd rule of healthy diet plan to lose weight fast is to avoid or stop eating/drinking refined sugar.

Either normal sugar or liquid syrup, these are the worst food that human can take. But sadly, refined sugar is currently everywhere around us.

Any kind of foodstuffs that is being packaged, any kind of bottled/canned drinks will surely contain refined sugar.

Why is sugar not good for those wanting to lose weight?

Because it contains lots of energy/calorie even in a small serving. Not to mention that it also has an addiction like effect to keep people eating/drinking it over and over again.

For example, a single can of Coke can has hundreds of calories, same as the calories in a few pieces of bread. Now tell me which one of them is more fulfilling to be eaten?

Eating and drinking foods high in refined sugar is like falling down into a bottomless pit. Even as you fall down, there’s no base that you can land as sugar is so delicious and can be addictive.

To binge-eat cakes or sodas is one of the worst thing that you can do and the higher rate of obesity reflects on this.

3- Prioritize Fresh Foods

Always try to eat as much fresh foods as you can.

When it comes to selecting your foods, do remember that fresh foods is the gold standard and must be taken as much as possible. And processed foods? Avoid it like plague!

Even though processed foods is much much easier (baked goods, sausages, cup ramen noodles, packaged foods/biscuits, anyone?) to be found, those are bad choice of foods to be taken.

The reason behind this is because of the huge number of sugar (see above), salt, fat and artificial preservatives in any processed foods.

Most food manufacturer loaded their processed foods with lots of sugar and salt in order to make them tasteful. In addition, preservatives are a must to keep the product on the shelf longer.

Eating a diet with lots of processed foods is just a recipe to gain weight and develop diseases!

Eliminating processed food and eating more fresh foods will give your diet a major boost.

Instead, try to focus on natural foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats and oils and plain water.

Trust me, you’ll easily notice the change in your life and body once you make this one change.


4- Eat More Vegetables

Eating more vegetables is something that I cannot recommend further.

Only recently have vegetables begun to rise in terms of it’s perceived importance to the human diet.

For example, the original USDA food pyramid actually places vegetables after carbohydrates in terms of recommended servings.

But right now, vegetables are the biggest food group to be eaten based on the latest USDA nutrition guideline MyPlate.

So what makes vegetables such a great food source?

For one, it’s fully packed of vitamins and nutrients. No other food groups contain as many nutrients as vegetables (even fruits, which often comprise mostly water).

In addition, vegetables are low in calorie so you just won’t ever get fat eating lots of it. In addition, eating many vegetables will act as deterrent to prevent you from eating more foods.

5- Set Short-Term And Long-Term Goals

The next rule is to set short-term and long-term goals. Below is my example:

  1. Short-term goal: To reduce my weight by 5 pounds in next 2 weeks
  2. Long-term goal: To reduce my weight by 20 pounds in 6 months and achieving body fat of around 15% i.e no bulging belly and love handles

Goal setting works. Nuff’ said.

In any kind of environment either corporate strategy or personal growth, setting a goal is one of the most important aspect so that you’ll know what you have to achieve.

In the case of weight loss, long term goal is the ideal body weight and body goal that you want, and yes it’s hard to achieve which is why you have to put ample time in it.

Short term goals is the milestones that you need to place so that you will be in the right trajectory to achieve your long term goals.

The good thing about weight loss is it’s almost instantaneous (as compared to trying to build up your personal wealth which can take years to see effect).

Weight loss can be very fast depending on the effort and dieting method that you take. I recommend thinking in 2 weeks segments. 2 weeks is a short enough time to see great results in weight loss as well as giving ample time to adjust daily.

This is why The 2 Week Diet was created. It works fast and deliver results – the 2 things that will keep you motivated in the journey to losing weight.

You should also consider putting your goals in writing and tell friends & family about your weight loss goals. Telling people about this will bind you to it and make you more dedicated to achieve the goals.


6- Exercise

dieting rules - exercise

Oh boy. This one rule is one of the biggest rules in trying to create a healthy diet plan to lose weight fast.

Exercise rocks!

Yes there I’ve said it. If there’s one magic pill to lose weight, then I’m going to bet that it’s exercise.

But some people lamented that they have been going to the gym for months and yet to see any result. So what gives?

Well, chances are they either:

  1. Didn’t do enough exercise, or
  2. Revenge eat afterwards.

The fact is exercising will burn energy and your body’s metabolism will increase for a few hours after every exercising sessions.

So if you don’t do enough exercise or eat lots of food afterwards (because you’re too damn hungry), you still don’t create the necessary calorie deficit to lose weight.

So what should you do then?

These are my guidelines for a good exercise regime:

  1. Include total body exercise in addition to cardiovascular work. Working out your whole body will build your muscles which can help in increasing metabolism. In addition, your body will look better and stronger.
  2. Ensure your exercise is hard enough to make you feel tired and sore. Exercising with low intensity will just waste your time.
  3. Increase your exercise frequency to keep your body’s metabolism always high.
  4. DON’T revenge eat after exercising thinking that you’ve burned calories so you should be able to eat a bit lavishly after this.


7- Persist!

Persistence is key to everything that you want to achieve in life, including losing weight.

And I can say most people that failed to lose weight didn’t persist enough to do it. They think that trying to lose weight is a 1 week effort.

It seems that people nowadays don’t have the patience needed to keep on working to achieve your goals.

Just remember that weight loss is a continuous and deliberate effort. You need to put effort and adhere to your diet constantly for it to work.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win =)

Watch the video summary of this article for ease of reference


Trying to lose weight is one of the best things that you can do for you and your family. An ideal weight is attributed to a healthier body, free of diseases that often plagued those with obesity.

But just the thought of losing weight is not enough if you don’t have the correct mindset and follow the rules of dieting.

It will be like trying to achieve something without consulting or seeking guidance – you either spent too much time trying to work around it or dropped it altogether because it’s too hard to do.

These rules of a healthy diet plan to lose weight fast is intended to be a guide to you so that you’ll be able to smoothly and successfully achieve your target weight.

I’ve learnt most of the things in this article from The 2 Week Diet . It’s one of the best diet that I’ve read and I’ve managed to achieve my target when utilizing the diet inside it (read my review of the ebook here).

By the way, there’s an ongoing 30% discount going for The 2 Week Diet. You can click this link to see if it’s still available.

I hope this article about the 7 rules of healthy diet plan to lose weight fast is beneficial to you. Keep these diet rules in mind as you strive to get to your ideal weight. Do let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Till next time.



2 thoughts on “7 Golden Rules For A Healthy Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

  1. Hi Isaac. Great job in compiling these rules for an effective diet. Looking back, I can say that I’ve been using a few of them all this while. The others like setting goals and eating more vegetables are new to me and I’m excited to try these out and see its benefit. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Matt. These rules for a healthy diet plan to lose weight fast is meant for an all-rounding diet. I’m sure you’ll be able to lose more weight from incorporating these rules. Cheers =)

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