The 2 Week Diet Plan Review – I Tried It For 2 Weeks And Here Is What You Should Know

An Honest Review Of The 2 Week Diet Plan – Does It Works?

1. The 2 Week Diet

As you might have know, losing weight is not an easy thing to do. There are countless diet programs out there but not all of them can be said to work well and as fast as it stated to be.

Now, the 2 Week Diet Plan ebook  is another diet program with a shockingly claim that it can help shed AT LEAST 6 POUNDS or 3 KGs in 2 weeks.

Yeah, that’s sounds too good to be true but I’ve tested this plan and I can say that the 6 pounds claim is playing it safe. Why? Because I dropped 8 POUNDS over 2 weeks of doing the diet plan!

Interested? You should. Read the rest of this 2 Week Diet Plan review to find out more =)


1.1 Isaac Scott smallHi guys! My name is Isaac and I’m the owner of this blog.

Over most of my teen and adult life, I’ve been a skinny fat type of dude. You know, the seemingly skinny guy but somehow have a pot belly stomach.

My cheek is always full without any trace of jawline (despite wearing the smallest size of clothes in the store).

Going to the beach? That’s my most dreadful nightmare as my body is never beach-ready. The exercises that I’ve done in the gym helped grow my muscles but somehow the belly still stuck there.

1.1 Skinny fat guy

I know that this need to change and I’ve read countless internet articles on things such as “how to lose belly fat” etc. and did all the recommendations on it.

Suffice to say, I’ve been doing lots of exercises and many types of diet programs over the years but none of them have really helped me get my ideal body condition.

And fortunately, I found The 2 Week Diet Plan….


How I Got To Know The 2 Week Diet Plan?

I picked up the 2 Week Diet Plan Ebook a few weeks ago while searching for a diet plan that works.

There were some good reviews about the ebook that I’ve read and not to mention I also managed to get a good deal with a $10 discount off the normal price of $37. (Click here to see if the discount is still available or not)

Regardless to say, the $27 is one of my best online purchase as I’ve learned a great deal not just about dieting, but also how our body works in general.

The ebook is fully packed with lots of information so much so it had changed my thoughts about how our eating pattern caused our body to be what it is currently.

While others have pointed out that the 2 Week Diet Plan is very good, I’d say the philosophy behind it is what makes the purchase worthwhile and worth lots more than the price paid for it. In this 2 Week Diet Plan review, I’m going to go in detail what’s inside it so that you can expect what you’ll get from it.


Introduction On The 2 Week Diet Plan

1.2 Slim woman 2 week diet

The 2 Week Diet was the work of Brian Flatt, the same guy who wrote the 3 Week Diet in 2016.

It seems he have improved over his past work to produce this diet plan which promised to drop at least 6 pounds over 14 days.

Yep, that right. 6 pounds over 14 days is nothing to scoff at. If done for a month, you could lose 12 pounds!

That means a few dress sizes increase, reduction of waist line and increased muscle definition (possibly your first 6-packs!).

The secret ingredient of this ebook is the 4 phases or methods to abruptly reduce body weight. And the best part is those weight loss are all coming burned body fat and not from water or muscle loss!

In addition to that, the principles inside the program will cultivate a better dietary program for you, so that you can re-program your body to increase your metabolism, healthier internal organs and general well-being.

This is very important to ensure your new-found weight won’t increase in future!


What’s Inside The Ebook?

The 2 Week Diet Plan consists of 4 ebooks (though these are conveniently combined into one single ebook for ease of reading). Below are the 4 ebooks:


1- Launch Handbook:

2. Launch handbookThis is the introductory course for the program. It has a huge library of information on how do we get fat, the ways to undo the weights and importance of the macro-nutrients (and which one isn’t).

In addition, it also has a detail explanation on how our body’s metabolism works and what we need to do to hack it so that we’re constantly burning fat all the time!

It also contain the 4 Rules of fat loss and the exact methods to achieve optimum weight loss.

While the other 2 books (Diet and Activity Handbooks) contain the step-by-step items to do in this diet plan, the Launch Handbook is a very important read as it has lots of explanation on what’s happening inside our body when we’re doing the tricks and methods inside the other 2 books.


2- Diet Handbook:

3. Diet Handbook

The Diet Handbook can be said to be the most important part of The 2 Week Diet Plan.

This is one part of the ebook that you need to learn and take lots of notes from as it gives a step-by-step on what to eat and to do every single day of the 14-days journey.

The content is laid out in phases (there are 4 Phases in total) and for each phase, the ebook will let you know WHAT to eat at each specific day.

Not only that, WHEN to eat is another important aspect inside this ebook as it will have a huge effect on our body’s metabolism and fat loss.

There’s also a course on how to calculate our Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR) as this is a very important part of the diet.

We’ll have to know what our BMR is (it differs based on gender, age, and body structure). From there, a specific eating plan is set to ensure we’re constantly losing weight.

3.1 2 week diet meals

Combined with the Launch Handbook, you’ll be able to learn why the diet is structured as such. I can’t say how much have these 2 handbooks opened my eyes in terms of the knowledge of how our body and metabolism works.


3- Activity Handbook:

4. Activity Handbook

In this part, Brian gives a guideline on what types of exercises to do to achieve maximum weight loss.

What I like about this part is the exercises are not lengthy and can be done in 20-30 minutes per session (good if you’re a busy guy).

Yes, you can drop weights from just the dieting part but doing these exercises is like the icing on top of the cake.

Not to mention that if you want to look good after losing off those weights, you need some muscles on your body. But in my opinion, the Activity Handbook will come in handy after you’ve get the hang of the diet.

I need to warn you that the diet can be quite hard to do especially if you’re someone who have live his/her lives with a full belly everyday. I mean, it’s a diet after all right?

4.1 Exercise handbook 2 week diet

The first few days of the diet will be very challenging and I’d suggest to not do the exercises during this time as it can be taxing to your body.

But once you’re used with the diet (i.e starting the second week), you can start to do the exercises.


4- Motivation Handbook

5. Motivation HandbookLast but not least, the motivation handbook. It’s one of the most crucial aspect of any diet program.

Brian correctly noted that the first step of body transformation happens within our mind. Without a strong mind that desires change, no diet program can work.

The 2 Week Diet Plan is a grueling program and a strong willed mind is needed to keep you motivated to be consistent in applying the program.

Another thing that this handbook teaches me is that diet is an everlasting process.

While The 2 Week Diet Plan is meant to give a sudden boost of weight loss in 2 weeks, keeping your body from gaining that weight again means you need to consistently apply the diet principles throughout your entire life.

It’s a marathon guys, and not a sprint!


The best way is to do The 2 Week Diet Plan is to read the whole 4 handbooks from the first to the last part.

But if you’re really trying to lose weight fast and don’t have time to finish the 99 pages of the ebook, I’d recommend to read the first 2 handbooks (Launch Handbook and Diet Handbook) as you only need these 2 to get started with the diet.

While the Diet Handbook contains all the details of the diet plan, the Launch Handbook is not to be disregarded as it has the nitty gritty details and principles of the diet and will complement the Diet Handbook.


Bonus Items!

With the purchase of The 2 Week Diet Plan, you’re going to get 5 bonus items! Here are the bonuses:

Bonus #1- Special Facebook Groups for Members

6. FB group

The FB group for members is the one thing that I recommend anyone getting the ebook to join. Unlike other FB groups out there, this one can be seen to be moderated adequately (you don’t see spammy ads here) and not a dead zone.

Not only that, you can get a taste of how the 2 Week Diet have affected lives by looking at the testimonials posted by the members.

6.1 2 Week Diet Testimonials

It’s the testimonials like this that have reinforced my belief in The 2 Week Diet Plan. 43 pounds lost in 4-5 months is very enviable and You also can do this by being dedicated and consistently applying the dieting principles in the ebook =).

Another thing that I like is the moderators are quite helpful and answers the questions posed by members with respect to the diet.

I’d say this is one of the best thing about FB groups as you can easily ask for questions that might not have been addressed specifically in the ebook.

For example, one of the things that the ebook teaches is how coffee can be an energy booster and suppress appetite – since you’re on a diet, you WILL feel tired and hungry.

Coffee is one thing that Brian teaches to help with this urges. He also said that coffee has a direct effect on fat cells and helped our body to burn it off.

While I’m pretty sure he’s talking about black coffee, I’m not particularly fond of it. I like to add some milk (i.e latte & cappucino) to reduce the bitterness of the coffee. But is it allowed by the diet?

6.2 2 Week Diet FB group

I looked up this question in the FB group and luckily it had been asked by another member. It seems that normal milk is allowed provided we keep the fat content to just 2% (reduced fat version).

This is a good information as I can still put milk to my coffee by choosing the lesser fat version =)


Bonus # 2- In addition to the FB group, there’s also 4 bonus ebooks that come together with every purchase. Here are they:

  1. The Motivation Companion—77 Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Goals Faster
  2. Limitless Energy—Free The Power Of Your Body To Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity
  3. The 5 Detox Methods of Fabulous Celebrities
  4. Youthful Facial Secrets Of The Rich And Fabulous

To be frank, I didn’t go through these ebooks as it’s not part of my main concern which is fat loss. If you already gone through it, drop a comments of your review on these ebook down below will ya!


A Brief Summary Of The 2 Week Diet Plan

So how does The 2 Week Diet Plan helps with weight loss? I will try to keep this brief without making this a very long post (click here to get your copy of The 2 Week Diet ebook and learn the whole stuffs from it)

  • The diet plan consists of 2 major items: Diet and Exercise. These 2 have been advocated by many fitness experts simply because it work. But as I’ve mentioned earlier, the exercise part is not necessary to be done from the start. The diet part is the most important thing that you have to perfect first and I’d say it’s entirely possible to drop 6 pounds or more simply by dieting.
  • For the diet, it consists of 4 phases that uses 4 different weight loss methods with varying duration.
  • The first phase is detox phase in which we’re trying to detox our body by eating lots of vegetables and choosing only protein to be consumed.
  • The next phase is intermittent fasting which I’m sure most of you have heard of. While not eating for hours might be a very hard thing to do for some, the effects were very fast and well worth it.
  • Then we have the fat fast phase where we’re going with a fat-only diet that was shown to be able to cut lots of body fat in a short time.
  • The last phase is the longest spanning 6 days where you’re eating in a more normal. The catch is to reduce the calorie intake by 20%-30% in order to create a continuous weight loss. It’s all in the calories with this phase!
  • In terms of exercises, the program instructs for the exercises in it to be done at least 3 times per week. The exercises are designed so that it can be done in just 20-30 minutes.
  • There’s no hours of cardio work here. The exercises focus on big compound movements to target all muscle groups in our body. In addition, there’s also exercise regime for the abs and core specifically to target the stubborn fat around that area.

Another thing that I really love about the ebook is it gives a guideline on how to keep my new body from gaining those weight again. This is one of the things that I believe most dieters should pay attention to.

It’s very easy to fall into complacency and quickly gained back those pounds again after you’re off a diet.

Which is why Brian Flatt gives a nice little trick in the ebook on how to ensure your weight stays the same at your target weight level.


My Verdict – I’ve Lost 8 Pounds Over 14 Days… So It’s Definitely NOT A Scam!

8. Scale weight loss

Well, considering that I’ve managed to lose 8 pounds in 14 days while under this diet plan, it’s suffice to say that this diet receives my highest recommendation.

I also should note here that I’m actually not following the diet plan accurately.

A few elements (e.g fat fast phase, intermittent fasting) were a bit difficult for me to do as have been described in the ebook. I’m guilty of tweaking the diet plan here and there to better suit my busy working life…

But this means that you CAN lose more than 8 pounds if you follow the diet program accurately!

It’s very informative and is concise enough to be read in a few days. The language used, even though it has many medical mumbo jumbo, is not that hard to understand for us normal citizens.

So if you’re someone who had trouble to drop excess weight and fat off your body, do try The 2 Week Diet Plan and see for yourselves how it will change your life!


The 2 Week Diet Plan Pros And Cons

Below are the pros and cons of The 2 Week Diet:

The 2 Week Diet Plan Pros

  • It works!
  • Very informative on every aspect of human’s metabolism and body.
  • The diet plan is supplemented with the principles and science behind in (either in the Diet Handbook or the Launch Handbook) so you can understand the reasoning for each of the diet phases.
  • The language used is not too hard to understand for average people.
  • I really like the overall package of the ebook with very beautiful graphics. It’s pleasing on the eyes and make reading the 99-pages ebook a breeze. Why can’t all science textbooks be like this?

The 2 Week Diet Plan Cons

  • It would have been nice if the ebook also details out a sample meal plan. For example, in the last phase, I can only eat a maximum of 1100 kcalories daily to trim off my weight. So if i’m eating a normal 3 meals per day (breakfast is 300 kcal, lunch & dinner are 400 kcal), what type of meals can I eat? Indeed, there are many recipe sites (such as the out there that gives an outlook of calories per recipe but it would have been very convenient if it is included in this ebook.


The 2 Week Diet Price: Here’s How I Got Mine At A Discount!

1. The 2 Week Diet

I got my copy of The 2 Week Diet by buying it on its website for a bargain. It was originally priced at $37 but I got it for $27, an almost 27% discount off its original price!

To sweeten the deal, there’s also a money back guarantee for up to 60 days if you find the ebook not being able to help you lose your weight! I can guarantee that this will be the only $27 you’ll ever need to pay to get to your dream body weight.

(click here to see if the 2 Week Diet discount is still available)



Conclusion: I’m Very Happy With The 2 Week Diet

1.1 Isaac Scott smallTo conclude, I’m very happy with The 2 Week Diet Plan ebook. It had helped me lose 8 pounds off my weight and possibly more as I plan to continue doing the diet for another round until I achieve my ideal weight (or a 6-pack emerged on my abs, whichever comes first LOL!).

I’m feeling quite confident to achieve this as the diet plan is not just a plan, it also thought me a great deal of how our human body works, what triggers fat loss and what exactly we need to do to achieve continuous fat loss.

It’s a really good “textbook” on dieting & nutrition and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to reduce their weight & lose fat.


Thanks for reading this The 2 Week Diet Plan review. I hope it answered your questions regarding it. Do let me know if you have any other questions regarding it by leaving a comment below.


4 thoughts on “The 2 Week Diet Plan Review – I Tried It For 2 Weeks And Here Is What You Should Know

  1. I really like it when you said that weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint (or is it from the book? I don’t really remember lol). Anyway, I’ve just got to comment here as what you already said about the 2 week diet is correct. My weight loss is not as much as yours, just around 6 pounds in 2 weeks, but it’s enough to keep me on the program. I’m currently in my second cycle and can’t wait to see what my new result will be 🙂

    1. Hi David. 6 pounds is a great result too! I can still remember the first time I tried to lose weight, it was just about 1-2 pounds in 2 weeks. Keep it up, and try to stick with the diet plan as accurate as you can. I’m sure you can get way better result than I did. Cheers!

  2. Thanks to your 2 week diet plan review, I was convinced of buying the ebook and suffice to say, that had been one of my best decisions of late. I really like how the ebook was laid out in easy to understand way, and best of all, the 2 week diet really works! So to everyone that are still on the fence with the 2 week diet, I suggest to just take the dive and buy one. But don’t forget to take action on it because nothing will happen without action =)

    1. Hi Jason. I’m happy that the 2 week diet have worked for you. As you say, any diet plan will only work if the person himself/herself put in the effort to follow through with the plan. In this case, you have managed to changed your situation by following the 2 week diet plan and reaped the rewards. I’m glad that my 2 week diet plan review had helped pushed you towards this. Cheers buddy!

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