Low Carb Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Read This Guide Before You Try It!

Low Carb Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Getting to and maintaining your ideal weight is not an easy thing to do. Been there done that. I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my adult years, and I can say I’ve had a fair share of doing most weight loss techniques.

Low carb (short form of carbohydrate) diet is one weight loss method that is gaining popularity nowadays. I’ve used it and had great results while using it.

Interested to know more about low carb diet plan? Read on.


1.1 Isaac Scott smallHi guys! My name is Isaac and in this article I’m going to share with you on low carb diet plan for weight loss.

As a guy that have been skinny-fat for most of my adult life while trying helplessly to get out of it, I can definitely understand the frustration with those trying to lose their weights.

Weight loss is not an easy feat – I’ve learnt it the hard way. I’ve tried lots of popular diets in the past, but mostly from free resources (websites, etc.). I soon found that these free resources don’t really work great as there was little depth provided as I always found myself guessing on many things.

It’s only by chance that I encountered a great diet program from my friends who achieved great weight loss and in the best shape of his life. It was The 2 Week Diet Plan and a quick look at its website reveals a logical take on weight loss.

I decided that it was time for me to get a “real” diet plan and not just some bits and pieces of the internet. At $37 – though I was on luck as it was on sale for $27 that day (Check this link to see if the discount is still there) – it’s definitely a very easy diet plan to follow with step by step guide.

I quickly lost 8 pounds over 2 weeks and haven’t looked back since. Low carb diet plan is one of the integral principles on this diet plan and here I’m going to share how to do it correctly.

But first, let me go through on why carbohydrate is bad for those that wants to lose weight.


Why Is Carbohydrate Bad For Those Wanting To Lose Weight?

4. carbohydrate

Low carb diet is a very good weight loss method as it’s cut off our body from excess sugar from our foods.

Carb or carbohydrate comes from starchy foods such as potato, rice, bread, pasta, etc. These foods are staple in many regions due to the fact that it’s a good energy source for our body.

When we eat carbs, our digestive system will break it down into sugar or glucose as the end product. Glucose will seep into our bloodstream and can be used as fuel for our body.

The popularity of carb comes from it being the most efficient fuel source compared to the others (protein and fat). Not to mention it’s cheaper than the other food sources making it the staple food in our diet.

I think I need to emphasize this: carb is a great food source but for those wanting to lose weight, it’s one of the worst food you can eat.


Carb And Insulin

1. cakes, sugar and insulinEating carbs will cause a spike of insulin in our blood. For those that didn’t know, insulin is a very important hormone that’s purpose is to regulate glucose in our blood.

It will store excess glucose as glycogen in our liver and as fats around our body.

And this is not something that we want!

Having insulin in our blood will signal to our body that we have enough food in our body.

As a result, our body will only be using the glucose that’s ready in our blood as energy.


How To Do Low Carb Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

2. steak and vegetablesHaving a low carb diet will keep our insulin level to be low. This will signal to our body that we’re in starvation mode and in return, it will utilize the glycogen store and fats around our body as energy.

And that’s exactly the thing that we want to happen! Our body using our fats as energy which will help with our weight loss goal =)

By the way, another benefit of a low carb diet is in increasing our metabolic rate from higher consumption of protein food sources.

Protein takes more energy to be digested which means our body will automatically burn more energy when eating a diet high in protein compared to a diet high in carb just from trying to break it down.

Another thing that makes low carb diet very effective is it automatically reduces the number of calories that we will consume. The number one rule of weight loss is to eat lesser calorie than what our body use.

While a gram of protein and a gram of carb have the same amount of calorie (4 kcal), it’s far more easier to overeat carbs than protein. Just think about the last time you had a cereal bowl. Do you feel that you can just eat it on and on without stopping?

That’s a problem with carb – it’s very delicious and addictive. Because of this, most people can easily overeat their calories and all your weight losing efforts will go to the drain.


Foods That You Absolutely Must Not Eat

2. Cake full sugarLet’s start with the foods that you absolutely cannot eat. The example listed below are the kind of foods made from simple sugars and contain massive amount of calorie even at small quantity (especially those cakes and soda!).

In addition, eating these foods will cause insulin to spike almost instantly and stopping any fat usage as fuel.


  • Sugary drinks e.g soda, juices, sweetened tea/coffee/chocholate drinks, etc.
  • Baked goods with lots of sugars such as cakes and biscuits
  • Chocolates and candies
  • Fruits

It’s worth mentioning that fruits are a bit on a gray area as it’s a natural food and contains fiber in it.

This actually helps to soften the insulin spike even though it also contain sugar. But to be on the safe side, I’d recommend to skip fruits altogether.


Foods That You Must Minimize Or Eliminate Completely

Here is the list of foods that you must eliminate completely – if possible.

One thing that I’ve learnt is that it’s very easy to put our ideal diet (no carb, high protein) on paper but it can be hard to maintain it consistently every day.

Especially for those that have day jobs, it’s hard to maintain such strict no-carb diet.

Office parties and lunch/dinner events with co-workers might not have a perfect low-carb meals. Not to mention it can be difficult to prepare your meals daily.

That’s why my recommendation is to minimize it as much as possible – though it’s definitely much better to eliminate all carb.

A list of carbs that you can minimize or eliminate completely is below:

  • Potato
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • And any other food sources that contain significant portion of carbohydrate compared to its other macronutrients.


Low Carb Diet Foods And Meal Plan

4. meats

I’m pretty sure you can already have a guess on what foods to eat right? The sources of foods are limited, but not entirely impossible as it’s still quite easy to get. Below is the list of low carb foods that you can eat:

  • Meat (any kind of meat have low carb such as fish, chicken, lamb, beef, seafoods, etc)
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Natural fats (olive oil, butter, etc.)
  • Lots of vegetables (spinach, kale, broccoli, etc.)
  • Lots of plain water

5. vegetables

Anyone new to low carb diet might screamed when looking at the food list above. How can you feel full eating these things?

Well, the fact is, you can feel full eating low carb foods. The meats will be the primary part of your meal as it contains protein and this will be your new primary energy source (in lieu of carbs). The key here is to eat enough meat to feel full and give you the necessary energy to live your day.

Then eating lots of vegetables and lots of plain water can help to fill up your stomach real fast. Again, this is very easy to do if you’re cooking at home but can be a bit tough if you’re eating out.

So what I like to do when I eat out is to order a meat meal (steak, salmon, chicken, etc.) and then have the restaurant change out the carbs in the meal (fries, mashed potato, etc.) to extra servings of vegetables.

As for meal example, there are many sites that centered around foods and have their own low carb sections such as allrecipes.co.uk and bbcgoodfood.com. You can also look out for keto diet meals as it’s basically the same thing as low carb.


Side Effects That I’ve Experience From Low Carb Diet

Below are the list of side effects that I’ve experienced from low carb diet apart from the weight loss. I need to emphasize here that this will vary from person to person depending on your activity throughout the day, occupation and diet.

  • Fat loss causing change in my body composition. I’ve noticed that the fat around my body decreased as I went along with this method. My belly is getting smaller, as well as my love handles, thigh and cheek. This can be due to the body using more and more of my body fat as fuel instead of getting it easily from the carbs. As I’m also going to the gym doing weight resistance training, I can definitely see more pronounced muscle definition – before this it’s all fat and flabby lol!


  • No more bloating after meal! This one is my favorite. I’ve been experiencing some bloating after normal meals which consists of some carb. Once I eliminated carbs from my meals, I can immediately tell the difference whereby I no longer get bloated after meals. I’m not entirely sure of the reason but these 2 might be the possible reasons for this. First, I think my stomach reacts differently with and without carb causing the bloat. Second, it could be because I’m actually eating lesser volume of food after eliminating carb (I mean you just can’t overeat those meats right?). The higher vegetable consumption could also helped with this issue.


  • Lesser energy in the initial phase of low carb diet plan. When I first started, I can sense a lower energy levels from my body and concentration because of the low carb diet, but you don’t need to worry as it will go away after a couple of days. The lack of carb and glucose in the body causes the body to throttle down somewhat as it adjusted to burning fat instead. One way that I’ve managed to encounter this is my drinking lots of water or unsweetened coffee/tea. Don’t underestimate the effect of water as it can have a miraculous effect on our body. The caffeine from coffee and tea is a stimulant that can help with raising your energy levels.

6. weight loss



If you’ve been trying to lose weight but didn’t get the result that you want, perhaps a low carb diet plan is something that you need. It’s not an easy diet for sure but it will really help with your weight loss goal.

Reduced insulin level from low carb diet will help with utilizing more and more fats around the body for energy. Even then, just like any diet plans, this will still take some time for you to notice a significant weight loss.

It is possible to drop weight in the shortest time with the The 2 Week Diet Plan which I’ve used to great success. I’ve managed to get rid of 8 pounds in just 2 weeks!

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight fast. You can get it for $37 but I bought my copy for just $27 (with a $10 discount). Do check this link to see if the discount is still available or not.


I hope this article has explained on how low carb diet plan can help with weight loss. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding it.

I’d love to hear what you think about this article =)

Till next time.

2 thoughts on “Low Carb Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Read This Guide Before You Try It!

  1. Hi Isaac. I’m really glad that I found your blog and do this low carb diet plan. After just 1 week, I managed to lose 4 pounds! I’m very excited with this and will be trying to do this diet consistently (right now I still not doing it 100% lol!). Wish me all the best!

    1. Hi Jake. I’m happy that the low carb diet plan worked for you. Continue doing it for more weight growth and sooner or later, you’ll achieve your target weight =)

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