Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What I Think About It

Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight

Does Coffee Can Magically Lose You Weight? Of Course Not!

1. coffeeI’m pretty sure you’ve read those articles that say coffee is one of the miracle foods that you must take that will miraculously make you to lose weight.

But is this true then? Does coffee help you lose weight?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of ill news, but that information is just wrong.

Coffee alone cannot make you lose weight. There, I’ve said it.

BUT, done correctly, coffee CAN HELP you to lose weight (note that I emphasized “help”. I’ll explain this later on) and I’m going to tell you how exactly that can be done based on my personal experience.

In addition, I’m going to share my golden combo that can help you lose pounds of weight in just days.

Interested? Read on!


1.1 Isaac Scott small

Hi Guys!

My name is Isaac and I’m the owner of, a site that is my personal space to share my thoughts and experience in health and fitness.

I’ve been struggling with losing weight for years previously. Well, to be clear, I’m not obese or fat.

It’s just that I’m a skinny fat guy with a belly that always protrudes and a weak, small upper body. While I do look like a normal guy, I’d like to be fit once again and improve my body. I’ve tried countless diets and exercise programs to no avail.

That is until I was introduced to the 2 Week Diet plan, a really revolutionary diet plan that have helped me lose lots of weight in a short amount of time. You can read what my experience with the diet plan here.

It is from this diet plan that I’ve learned the wonders of coffee and how it can be applied to not just help, but actually turbocharged weight loss initiatives.


What Does Coffee Actually Do?

Coffee is a beverage that dates to hundreds, thousands of years ago that contain caffeine, a stimulant that works wonders in keeping our brain alert and awake.

I’m pretty sure almost anyone had used it to stay awake late in the night, either for work, study for exams or any other reasons.

It’s also a very popular morning drink that can help to jolt and focus your brain especially if you’re lacking a good night’s sleep. It’s effectiveness in this regard is second to none in my opinion. powder


Coffee Also Increase Metabolism

In addition to clearing your mind, coffee (or the caffeine inside it) can also increase your metabolism.

But, surely you’d have guessed where the sudden burst of energy after drinking coffee comes right?

As coffee (the black ones) don’t really have any calorie in it, the body will have to take calories from it’s reserves energy as source to keep you awake.

It is from this characteristic that coffee got the reputation of being a good weight loss tool.


But Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

If you’re just relying on coffee to make you lose weight, the answer is a resounding NO. Coffee alone cannot make you lose weight.

The basis of weight loss is calorie deficit, that is the calorie from the foods you eat should be lesser than the calories your body use as energy. The greater the deficit, the faster you will lose weight.

This deficit can be achieved by either reducing your calorie/food intake, increasing your activity levels (going to gym for example) or both.

So if you’re a somewhat big guy that wants to lose weight by drinking coffee WITHOUT changing anything else in your life (diet, activity levels, etc.), then I can bet that you will never be able to lose weight at all!

Without calorie deficit, no weight loss can ever be achieved!

3.weight loss by coffee


With That Being Said, Coffee CAN HELP You To Lose Weight Faster!

While coffee alone cannot make you lose weight, it does helps you to lose weight faster. I’ve learned this trick from the 2 Week Diet Plan that will really shed off pounds of your weight in just 2 weeks.

As I’ve mentioned before, coffee is a stimulant that will also increase our metabolism. This can be used to our advantage by including coffee to your weight loss plan.

Suppose you’re trying to cut off calories by dieting, coffee can help to increase metabolism (which makes the calorie deficit higher for faster weight loss) AND gives you that energy boost to beat the slump due to lowered food intake.

If you’re trying to go to the exercise route, coffee is a good pre-workout drink as its energy boost will ensure you can exercise longer and harder to burn much more energy.


My Golden Combo: Coffee + Intermittent Fasting + Exercise

The best tips that I’ve learned from the 2 Week Diet Plan (you can read my review of it here) is the magical combo of intermittent fasting, coffee and exercise.

1. Intermittent Fasting For Weight LossI’ve written at length about intermittent fasting previously where I’ve shared my great result in using it to lose weight fast.

In short, intermittent fasting works by skipping some meals (my favorite meal to skip is breakfast) so that you’re fasting for 16-24 hours at a time.

In fasting state, your body’s blood sugar and insulin levels will drop as there’s no new meals coming in.

This will cause your body to use its reserve energy in the glycogen and fat stores all over your body – and it is from this that the weight loss will happen.

So how does coffee fit in with intermittent fasting?

As a stimulant, it will help to give energy boost during the fasting period. I’m not going to lie, intermittent fasting really takes a toll on you if you’re not used to it. Coffee will give you the necessary boost so that you can still live your day (work, take care of your kids, etc.) almost like a usual day.

women exercise sweating

In addition to that, the increased metabolism will certainly make weight loss faster. The body will then use its surplus energy storage more than if you’re only doing intermittent fasting alone.

To give the fat burning a boost, I also like to exercise during fasting. And you’ll be able to guess that I’ll drink a cup of coffee beforehand so that I’m fully energized for my workout.

Done well, this combo is able to drop serious weights off your body. My personal record is dropping 2 pounds in just one day!

To sum it up, intermittent fasting with exercise powered by coffee is one of the best weight loss tricks that you can do!

Always Drink Black Unsweetened Coffee! and beans

Last but not least, always drink black unsweetened coffee.

Yes, it’s bland, bitter and does not taste good but I can testify that you’ll soon grow to love its taste. It’s the best type of coffee for weight loss in my opinion.

Latte, cappuccino or any other milk coffee do taste good, it also comes with some calorie in it.

Not to mention the calorie from the sugar inside it can break your intermittent fasting (if you decide to do my golden combo above).

And don’t get me started with sweetened coffee that you always see people drink in Starbucks or other hip cafes.

While those taste heavenly, it’s about the worst thing that anyone wanting to lose weight can drink due to the high sugar content inside it.



Weight loss is a complex thing and there is no such thing as a quick fix for it.

So does coffee help you lose weight?

The answer is it depends on many factors.

The main thing to understand is coffee alone will not be able to help you shed weight. Weight loss can only happen with a calorie deficit (either through dieting, increased activity levels, or both).

So if you think that drinking coffee alone while not changing anything about your lifestyle will enable you to lose weight, then you’re definitely wrong then.

Once you’re set on a calorie deficit plan, then coffee can be used to give the boost to increase the calorie deficit by spiking your metabolism.


I hope this post will help you to understand how to use coffee to help with your weight loss. Do let me know if you have any further questions.

Till next time!




2 thoughts on “Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What I Think About It

  1. Yes I agree with you. I never thought that coffee (or any other drinks for the matter) can magically help us to lose weight. It’s quite absurd if you ask me. Hard work and reducing food intake (dieting) are the only way for weight loss!

    1. Hi Sudhar. Indeed that’s the case. Coffee did increase a bit of our metabolism but in my opinion, that increment is not sufficient to have any real effect on weight loss.

      But if you’re using coffee to significantly reduced the amount of food you eat, then that’s another story though I personally am not fond of it.

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