Can Skipping Breakfast Helps Weight Loss? Does It Really Work??

Can Skipping Breakfast Helps Weight Loss

Skip Breakfast To Lose Weight – It Works For Me!

Will skipping breakfast help you to lose weight? Well, it does for me! I’ve been trying to lose weight on and off over the years and so far nothing really worked.

It was until I’ve learnt how to properly lose weight from a diet plan ebook that I finally managed to drop pounds after pounds off my body.

And skipping breakfast is one of the method from that ebook. It has helped me to lose my weight, control my appetite and there’s so much more benefits from it.

If you’re intrigued, read on to know how I did it and what’s my personal experience in skipping breakfast!

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1.1 Isaac Scott smallHi guys! I’m Isaac and today I would like to share my experience with skipping breakfast to lose my weight, so keep on reading.

I’ve always been a skinny-fat guy, that is a skinny guy with a belly that is much bigger than you would expect me to have.

I’ve tried countless of diet and exercise plans over the years with little to no effect. Luckily, I met one diet program that just seems to work well for me….

It was by pure chance when I was browsing a health/fitness forum that one user shared his experience of using the diet program.

It’s not too expensive, at just $37 but he said it was the best diet plan he ever had. It literally helped him to shed 10 pounds in just 2 weeks!

Interested, I asked the guy for the diet plan and he shared about The 2 Week Diet Plan. True enough, the website of the diet program was packed with lots of logic and sense on weight loss.

I’ve always been a “freebie” kind of guy and like to use the diet/fitness tips for free on websites so the thought of paying $37 don’t really went well with me (it was actually on sale for $27 that day. Check this link to find out if the discount is still there)

But after thinking for sometime, I decided to buy the diet plan. All this while, I’ve been using these free resources to no significant progress so I thought it’s time for me to use a paid one and see how it goes.

Oh boy, that’s the best decision I ever done. The 2 Week Diet Plan give step-by-step plan on what to eat and what to do for 14 days. It’s very detailed and helped me lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks (I’ve written a more detailed review of it here).

Skipping breakfast is one of the major tips in the diet plan which I’m going to share here.

In actuality, you can also say this method is an intermittent fasting method as you will be fasting up to 16 hours from your previous day’s dinner to lunchtime by skipping breakfast.


Skipping Breakfast Will Reduce Calorie Consumption Resulted In Weight Loss

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Why does skipping breakfast helps with weight loss?

Simply because the reduction in calorie. Let me explain.

It’s the number one rule in weight loss: you need to consume lesser calorie than the calorie your body uses to lose weight.

Skipping breakfast helps with this by taking out the amount of calorie your breakfast contributes to your daily caloric consumption.

If you’re eating normally eating a 400 kcal breakfast, with a total of 2,000 kcal daily consumption, you will be taking out around 20% of your daily calorie, dropping your calorie count to ~1600kcal.

And suppose you’re burning at least 1800 kcal of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) daily, the calorie deficit of 200 kcal will help you to reduce your weight passively!. All from simply skipping your breakfast! (Check out this site to easily calculate your BMR)

Worried that you might not have enough energy during the day?

5. woman drinking waterJust drink lots of water (or unsweetened tea and coffee) will do it. This will crush those hunger pangs and tricks your stomach into thinking that you got enough food in there. Once that hunger pang goes, it will be smooth sailing from then on =)

Of course, it will take quite some time for you to reduce your weight from a deficit of 200 kcal as a weight reduction of one pound is normally associated with a 3,500 kcal deficit (so about 17 days).

But I’d like to think of weight loss as a marathon, and not a sprint. Doing this right will help you to lose weight gradually, but surely.

And if you’re thinking to boost weight loss more, I’ve just got the thing for you! Read on.


Skip Breakfast AND DO Exercises To Boost Weight Loss

16. Jogging aerobic

One of the best combo that I’ve used to great success is to do exercises around morning time prior lunch whenever I skipped breakfast. It’s also known as exercise in fasted state as you’re technically fasting at that time.

The reason why I like this is because during an empty stomach, our body is lighter hence moves better. I also can feel that I’m able to do at least the same things if I were to exercise during afternoon session.

But the primary reason for this is to increase weight loss. As we’re fasting, our body will have to tap into its reserve energy storage which are the glycogen storage and fat storage.

Add any kind of exercise during this and our body will have to further deplete this energy storage to fuel the exercise – and this is what we want: for the body to use the fat storage!

By the way, you don’t need to do hard-core exercise at the gym for this to work. Some activities such as walk in the park, swimming, cycling, jogging etc. will do the trick though you have to make sure the duration is sufficiently long (more than 30 mins is my rule of thumb) so that there’s enough calorie will be burned.

3. weight training bench pressWhat I do now is going to the gym to do weight resistance training to build my muscle plus some cardio work on the treadmill. Yes, it’s quite taxing but I learnt a neat trick to do it.

Previously, I went to the gym around 8-9am ish but I soon found out that I don’t have much energy at this point of time. Then, I shifted my gym session to just prior to lunchtime and it made a huge difference.

As I said earlier, the hunger pangs will usually come in the early mornings and you got to endure it (drinking water/tea/coffee will do the trick). Once it goes away, you will feel so much energy and clear of mind after that point.

The same goes with exercises. Exercise near lunchtime when you’ve already passed the hunger pang point is so much better than exercising in the early morning. Not only that, as it’s near to lunchtime, I usually get a protein-filled lunch to build my muscles =)

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Other Positive Side Effects From Skipping Breakfast

There are two other positive side effects from skipping breakfast (aside from losing weights) that I personally experienced that I want to share with you here.


1- More Time To Do Other Things In The Morning

The first benefit that I found is that there is suddenly more time to do things in the morning. As someone that works a regular 8 hours day in an office, time can flew by instantly.

I used to not have enough time to do work during the normal 8 hours window and resorted to stay back at the office or bring my work home just to catch deadlines.

But by skipping breakfast, I’ve freed at least 15-30 minutes of my time from not having to eat, make drinks and clean up afterwards. In addition, I don’t have to think about what to eat for breakfast – further freeing my time to do my work.


2- More Energy To Focus

work and focusI’m someone that will feel a bit sluggish after a meal – even a light breakfast will disturb my concentration. Which was why I was quite surprised that upon starting to skip breakfast, I found my mind to be clearer and can focus better.

I surely thought the hunger will hold me down but it seems that’s not the case. I do drink lots of water/tea/coffee to quench the hunger pangs and I found that once it went away, my mind is clearer than ever.

It’s something that I relish every morning as I know I can do lots of things and multiply my productivity at work on an empty stomach in the morning.

A possible reason for this is that our body is actually more sharp and agile in a “starvation” mode i.e during fasting or skipping breakfast.

It’s one of the subconscious safeguard by our primal instinct that when we need to survive, we need to be sharp to hunt for food. Conversely, our body’s sharpness decreases with food intake.

As we eat more food, our body relaxes as it’s not in danger of starving anymore. In addition, we’re actually burning quite a bit of energy just to digest our foods, so this can be a reason for a low energy level right after a meal.

If you want more brain clarity and sharpness in the morning, then skipping breakfast might do the trick for you =)



If you’re someone that is struggling to lose your weight, skipping breakfast could be the method that will help you. Just remember to make sure the meals portion of your lunch and dinner is kept the same – otherwise any calorie reduction by skipping breakfast will be negated.

I’m pretty sure that by doing this, you will be able to drop some weight off your body, though it won’t be dramatic and will take some time.

But if you want to lose weight in the shortest time possible, it’s still possible. I’ve also been in your shoes where I wanted to really lose some weight asap.

Thank goodness I’ve encountered The 2 Week Diet Plan that has one of the best diet plan, laid out day-by-day. It’s so easy to use and the result is really fast! In fact, I’ve managed to lose 8 pounds over 2 weeks!

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight fast. You can get it for $37 but I bought my copy for just $27 (with a $10 discount). Do check this link to see if the discount is still available or not.


I hope this article helped you to understand how skipping breakfast can help to lose weight. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding it.

I’d love to hear what you think about this article =)

Till next time.

4 thoughts on “Can Skipping Breakfast Helps Weight Loss? Does It Really Work??

  1. I don’t eat breakfast for a long time, and because I am a busy mother of two. And so far I just am OK, and never had a problem. I do drink my coffee though. haha Never knew that skipping breakfast helps weight loss. Thanks for a great article.

  2. I’ve skipped breakfast a few days this week and here are my thoughts:
    1- It’s very hard on day 1 but it becomes easier on the later days
    2- Like you said, I found more time to do more work in the morning (Yay!)
    3- Lots of weight reduced. Sometimes, I can lose up to 3 pounds daily!

    1. I’m glad that you’re ok with skipping breakfast. As I’ve mentioned, it’s not for everyone (some people just need to eat breakfast) so it’s a great thing that your body can cope with that.

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