Tight Hip Flexors Causes You Need To Know

Tight Hip Flexors Causes You Need To Know

Do You Have Tight Hip Flexors?

Tight hip causesJohn wakes up everyday at 7. He grudgingly thought to himself while getting up from the bed:

“Sigh.. another day of hard work. If only I don’t have to get off this bed”

John is a 30 years old guy – an age where a man’s career and life is around its peak and yet he dreaded to get out of bed. Why does he feel like that?

Well, it seems that John has problems with his hip. It’s constraining his movement, making getting up from bed and moving difficult for him.

He always feels a tightness around his hips, and it is worst in the morning and after work.

Unbeknownst to John, and many others, they are the victims of tight hip flexors.

In this article, I’m going to share with you what are the tight hip flexors causes so that you will be able to take action on it.

Interested? Keep on reading!


Hi guys! My name is Isaac and today I want to share about tight hip flexor causes.

The story about John above is a fiction made by me, but there was a time in my life that I  dreaded getting off bed (so you can say the story above is mine with the name changed lol!).

I, too, like John, is a male adult with lots of energy to expend in my life and career.

But sadly, tight hip flexors sapped away most of that energy and chained me from doing all that I want to do. It’s kinda like an injured horse I might say.

It was not until I practiced a series of exercises (read until the end of this post to find out about that) that I began to regain my mobility and felt full again!

So if you’re like me and have tight hip flexors symptoms, these could be the root cause that you need to watch out for!


Excessive Sitting: The Main Tight hip Flexors Cause!

working sitting excessive tight hip

Most people are not aware that excessive sitting is the number one cause of tight hip flexors. It’s ironic as most adult will spend their waking lives sitting to do their work for a living, and that is actually the main culprit that harms us!

When we sit, our legs are bend to the front. What happens is the front muscles of our hip i.e the psoas major muscles that connects the back of our spine to the front legs will be shortened.

All body movement is only possible with coupling of shortened and lengthened pair of muscles. In the case of sitting, it is our glutes (or butt) muscles that will lengthened.

Muscles are elastic in nature. In which it can almost instantaneously shortened and lengthened itself. That’s how sprinters or athletes can move so fast.

But if subjected to a long duration of constantly not moving, such as the case with prolonged sitting for few hours, the muscles will lose this elasticity.


Sitting Causes Muscle Instability Around Hip Region, The Recipe For Tight Hip Flexor

Feel Stress sitting tight hipWhat will happen is the hip flexors muscles will maintain its form during sitting even after we get up i.e psoas major muscles shortened and glutes muscles lengthened.

The key to a mobile and healthy movement is in a balanced muscles around our body. But sitting actually caused muscle imbalance as the psoas major is more tightened and stronger than the weaken glutes.

And that’s the key thing that lead to tight hip flexors!

In addition, have you ever noticed that you become stressful after a day of sitting at work? Even though you know the job you’re doing is not particularly hard to do?

The reason for this is tight hip flexors will cause discomfort and pain on your body. So after a day at work, the pain reached its peak and disrupts your emotion making you feel tired, restless and stressed!


Low Back Pain Is Also A Tight Hip Flexors Cause

3. hip tightness sittingIn addition to sitting, low back pain can also be a tight hip flexors cause. If you have low back pain (either from a slipped disc, lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis or others) the low back is almost always inflamed and weak.

The same thing will happen then that the muscle imbalance will cause tight hip flexors symptoms.

In my case, I was unfortunate to be a victim of slipped disc. While I managed to somewhat cure it by going to physiotherapist and chiropractors, my low back is still quite raw and not as strong as before.

For example, I noticed that lifting heavy stuffs from the floor takes a lot more effort to do even when I employed a good lifting technique.

This, coupled with my sedentary lifestyle of sitting for hours, are my main causes for tight hip flexors symptoms!


How Did I Treat My Tight Hip Flexors?

As I’ve stated earlier, sitting too much is the number one cause of tight hip flexors. So what you should do is to reduce the amount of sitting. But of course, there will be some who cannot do that due to work requirement.

For these people, I’d suggest to take frequent breaks to stand up and do light stretching such as standing back extensions to relieve the accumulated stress around the hip and low back.

Nowadays, I always take a one-minute break to stand up every 30-minutes of sitting. Trust me, it helps a lot especially if you’re also suffering from low back pain!

standing back extension

Standing back extension: Stand upright and arch your upper body backwards while pushing your hip to the front. You will feel a relief around the tight hip region. Beware that overarching your body could cause discomfort if you’re suffering from low back pain. As always, keep it moderate!


Unlock Your Hip Flexors Ebook – 10-Exercises That Will Help You Do Just That!

1. Unlock-Your-Hip-FlexorsWhile frequent breaks from sitting will definitely help, it does not specifically cure the muscle imbalance especially if the tight hip flexors have been ingrained in your body.

Frequent exercises and stretching are a must in this case and I cannot recommend enough the Unlock Your Hip Flexors (UYHF) ebook as a very good guide in this.

I stumbled upon the ebook previously while looking for a permanent solution to my tight hip.

I’ve done many stretching before – all the stuffs you can watch on youtube – but none of them worked long term.

The UYHF ebook was on sale for just $10 so I thought to myself why not just buy it. And if it didn’t work, I only lose 10 bucks lol. (clink this link to see if the discount is still there)

Little did I know back then that was one of the best $10 I’ve ever paid in my life.


10 Sequential Flow Exercise Regime To Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors

12.b unlock your hip flexors exercisesThe ebook details 10 exercises that are targeted to unlock tight hips once and for all.

One thing that I’m really impressed is the exercises are not the typical stretching that can be seen on youtube or any fitness websites.

It’s unique and had been designed to target a specific effect on our hips.

What I like is the exercises are not only static stretching like what I’ve always seen but it also incorporate a few “dynamic stretching” that have good functional effect on our body (such as the leg swings here).

In addition, the 10 exercises have been programmed to be in sequence as it’s the best way to unravel the tight hip flexors effectively. The hip muscles are very deep and as such, a concentrated effort to reach down on it is needed.

By the way, if you don’t like to read an ebook, you’re in luck as the author (Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal) also gave a link to a coaching video.

I highly recommend anyone to watch this video (it’s only 21 minutes long) as it details the method to do the exercises accurately and safely.

13. unlock your hip flexors coaching video

The coaching video is very concise and Rick was a great teacher as he explained in easy words what effects an exercise will give and what to expect. That guy was a real delight to learn from!

I usually do the 10 exercises after work and I can say it really make a big difference in how my body feels. The exercises really live up to its claim and I cannot recommend it enough for people suffering from tight hips.


Click Here To Buy “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” Ebook



Conclusion: Tight Hip Flexors Is Cure-able!

Whether the your tight hip flexors causes are is too much sitting, low back pain or a combination of both, it’s definitely is curable.

Just remember that our body is meant to move and not to sit for hours so try to get some break from sitting at a frequent interval. I also feel that it will freshen up your mind and not being too stressed at work.

For low back pain, I’d suggest getting a physiotherapist to have a look at your injury. Despite what doctors said, you don’t really need to get under a knife to cure it. A drastic change in your lifestyle with good posture will do a lot in maintaining a healthy back.

In addition, frequent exercises and stretching are needed to cure muscle imbalance around the hip region. Muscle imbalance is the main reason for tight hip as well as low back pain which is why it’s a very important aspect to tackle.

With the above, I’m pretty sure your tight hips can be cured. You only need dedication and discipline to do it. Good luck!


I hope my article about tight hip flexors causes is informative and helped you. Do let me know if you need any other information or any comments.

I’d love to hear from you =)


6 thoughts on “Tight Hip Flexors Causes You Need To Know

  1. Looking back, it’s no wonder why I’m suffering from tight hips.. I’ve been sitting a lot in my work, sometimes up to 12 hours per day…

    1. Hi Priscilla. Sitting is one of the main causes of tight hips. I’d suggest for you to take a 1-2 minutes break every hour to stand up and move your body. That way, you can ensure your body is not too locked into the same position and form for hours daily which will wreck havoc on your tight hips. Check out my guide on how to cure tight hip flexors for more info.

  2. Great article Isaac. Just wondering does the lumbar support cushion for chairs really work? Will it have any help with tight hips?

    1. Hi Karen. While the lumbar support cushion will help with lower back pain, it does not do much with tight hips. Tight hips were caused by prolonged sitting, and if you’re still sitting for most of your days, the problem will arise. Hope this helps.

  3. You’re definitely correct Isaac. I can notice the difference in my body after I’ve worked in an office (previously I was working at construction site). I never knew hours of sitting can take such a toll on my body and cause me to get tight hip flexors! Thanks again for this article

    1. Hi Larry. I’m glad that you’ve noticed that sitting is the silent killer for our modern society. For now, try to intermittently get up and stretch so that you won’t be sitting for a long period of time. That will really help to lessen the effect and keep you hips healthy. Also, try to do these exercises to loosen your tight hip flexors.

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