My Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Unlock Your Tight Hips Easily!

My Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

My Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: My Personal Experience With This Great Ebook!

1. Unlock-Your-Hip-FlexorsIf you’re currently suffering from nagging tight hips, then the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Ebook can surely help you.

It’s an easy to read ebook with lots of information from why tight hip happen, what effects will a tight hip have on you and most importantly, the very helpful 10 exercises which if done in sequence, can eliminate your tight hip forever!

Best of all, the ebook purchase comes with helpful video guide – so no more guessing whether you are doing the exercises correctly or not.

It has helped unlock my hip giving flexible and mobile hip movement, and I’m sure it will work on you too. This Unlock Your Hip Flexors review will let you know everything about the ebook as well as what I personally think about it. Read on!


1.1 Isaac Scott smallHi there! My name is Isaac and in this post I’m going to review the Unlock Your Hip Flexors ebook.

I was one of the unfortunate people that had slipped disc injury while trying to set a new personal record for deadlift…

Yeah, thinking back I was quite stupid at that time. Little did I know that thoughtless act will set me for a lifetime of disaster.

2. back pain

Due to the injury, I was bed-ridden for 2 days. I visited my local physiotherapist and chiropractor and their professional treatment helped me get back on my feet.

I was grateful that I didn’t need to get under a surgery as my injury was not considered critical.


Lower Back Injury And Tightness Around My Hip

3. hip tightness sittingThanks to my physiotherapist and chiropractor treatment, I was able to bounce back into a normal adult life.

But it never felt the same as before I was injured.

I can feel my body – specifically my lower back, hip and core region – feel a bit restricted in my day to day life.

Walking, sitting, even sleeping never felt the same as before.

I felt sluggish when I woke up to the extent that in some mornings, I felt that I’m double my age!

To top it off, I’m working a desk job where I will spend at least 8 hours (usually more) sitting. Little did I know that this further aggravates this tightness around my hip!


How Did I Came Across Unlock Your Hip Flexors Ebook?

I became active in the internet forums to find a cure for this. I believed that this tightness around my hip can be cured by some exercises (also because I want to save money from going to the physiotherapist/chiropractor. Those people costs a lot!).

I tried a lot of exercises on youtube and websites that claim it can cure tight hip flexor. While it did help a bit, I felt the effect don’t really last. I continued searching and that was when I found Unlock Your Hip Flexor ebook.

3.b rick-kaselj-featured-in

The ebook by Rick Kaselj (an injury specialist) and Mike Westerdal (strength coach) was on a hefty discount and I thought why not try this.

I got it for about 10 bucks or so at that time (clink here to see if the discount is still available) and it was one of the best resources I’ve read about tightness around our hip.

It’s sequential flow method exercises are one of the best and easy to do exercise regime that had helped me unlock my tight hip.

It has gave back my hip mobility and flexibility – which I never thought I was going to reclaim before! It’s easily the best $10 I’ve ever spent!

In this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review here, I’m going to give a rundown of the ebook that have helped me in my struggle with my tight hip flexors.


Psoas Muscle – The Most Important Muscles Around The Hip Area

The ebook starts with an anatomy classroom about our body. There are many different parts in our body but the hip region is one of the most important muscles. It’s where all movement starts be it walking, sitting, twisting or bending.

4. Psoas_Major

Within the hip lies the 15 muscles that essentially powers its movement. Out of those, the psoas muscles are regarded as the most important.


Because the psoas is a big and long muscle that connects the upper body (at the lower spine) to the lower body (legs). It’s located deep within the hip area and critical for postural alignment, movement and our overall well-being. It also supports our trunk to maintain a stable spine.

5. Psoas muscle

If the psoas is shortened or tightened, the hip will begin to tilt forward, destroying the delicate muscular balance in the hip region and introducing a flurry of tight hip syndrome to its victim…


How Sitting Can Cause Tight Hip Flexor

6. working sittingIf you’re like me having a job that requires you to sit for hours daily, then you’re having a big trouble buddy.

Excessive sitting (for hours at a time) is one of the biggest culprit causing tight hip flexors. When we sit, our legs are brought up, causing the psoas muscles to shorten.

Continuous sitting for hours can cause the muscles to be semi-permanently shorten. In addition, your glutes or butt muscles will be elongated and weakened from all that sittings.

Suffice to say, this is not a good thing as tight psoas muscles and weak glutes/butt will disrupt the muscle balance around the hip region.

Try to remember how you feel after a few hours sitting? Do you feel sluggish trying to stand up? That’s the shortened/tightened psoas kicking in.

Personally, I tried the usual tactics of standing up once in a while to freshen up and employing an upright sitting position.

While it did helped lessening my lower back pain, psoas shortening still happened during the the hours of sitting, contributed to my hip tightness…


Tight Hip Impacts Your Flexibility And Mobility

7. athlete tight hipAre you an athlete? Then you really should be wary about tight hip flexors. Athletes need a strong, healthy and mobile hip.

A tight hip will impede your movement so much so you won’t be able to perform at your best.

Not to mention all athletes know that the center of the body is where the power comes.

That’s why we can see those football players lowered their body and bend their knees prior to each play.

That starting positions is the best for explosiveness and guess what – it uses the hips and the core as the pivot point for all of that to happen!

A weak and imbalanced hip jeopardizes that and effectively reducing your prowess. All the more reason for you to fix and unlock your tight hip flexors.


Can Tight Hip Affects Sexual Performance?

8. tight hip flexor sexual performance

Even if you’re not an athlete, there’s one thing that I’m sure you are interested about – your sexual performance.

Just as how an athlete’s performance can be impacted due to a bad hip, your sexual performance can also feel the brunt.

At it’s core, sex is an activity that relies on movement. And what part of our body that’s most related to it? The hip of course!

If you have a tight hip, you won’t be able to do all that thrusts that are the basic of sex. A loose and flexible hip is very important for a great dynamic sex.

Just look at porn stars – most of them are buff and I’m quite sure those six packs also mean they have a strong and rigid core. This helps them to last longer as the strong core helped to keep blood flow to the pelvic and manhood at the optimum level.


Does Tight Hip Flexors Cause Anterior Pelvic Tilt?


10. protruding belly tight hip

Have you ever wonder why some people look fat even though they are skinny? Perhaps the reason lies in anterior pelvic tilt, a condition when their stomach and butt sticks out at opposite end.

The result is a figure that looks fat with the stick out stomach. It’s not a good condition to be in as the lower back will be stressed out from this condition.

9. anterior pelvic tilt

How does tight hip flexors contributed to anterior pelvic tilt? Due to the muscular imbalance around the hip region, the tight psoas muscles actually pulls forward the back of pelvis during standing to mimic its shorten condition during sitting.

This moves everything in front of it such as the stomachs causing the belly to bulge out! Correcting tight hip flexors could help alleviate this condition.


Most Importantly: You Won’t Feel As Good With A Tight Hip

11. hip joint paintLast but not least, tight hip has a huge impact on your emotions and energy. As someone who had it, I can vouch on this.

It’s quite hard to come to terms that your body is not as good as it was before. That tightness when I woke up makes my morning routine worse.

To top it off, I felt sluggish after work when I did hours of sitting at a time.

It really hurts my social life as I cannot wait to go back home and rest. I also had an anterior pelvic tilt due to the muscle imbalance.

Who wants to live like this!!??

But now, I’ve managed to trim off most of the problems. I’m a much better man – both physically and emotionally – as the Unlock Your Hip Flexors ebook helped me to correct my hip muscles. Without a doubt, living with a tight hip sucks and you should fix it!


So How Does Unlock Your Hip Flexors Work?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors work by giving you a recipe of 10 exercises that you need to do daily. And no, these are not just your typical exercises that you can get off youtube or fitness websites.

I was actually surprised by the exercises as some of them have not been encountered by me before – and that was from someone that have been interested in fitness for the past 10 years.

Bu the key to the secret recipe of its exercises lies in two things:


1- The Sequential Flow Method:

The ebook teaches to do the 10 exercises in sequence. As the psoas muscles are located deep within the hip, specific movements and exercises need to be done in sequence to correctly unravel the tightness around that area.

12.a unlock your hip flexors exercises
An example of the exercise in the ebook: 90 90 Kneeling Stretch (Static Stretching)


2- 6 Modalities Exercises:

The exercises in this ebook contain 6 types of modalities (PNF stretching, dynamic stretching, 3-D core stability, mobility exercise, Fascia stretching & muscle activation movements) that seeks to work the hip area from all sides and movement patterns.

It will work much better than static exercises or yoga poses in fitness websites. And it’s so much more fun to do!

12.b unlock your hip flexors exercises
An example of the exercise in the ebook: Leg Swings (Dynamic Stretching)


How To Use Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

What I did was to maximize the ebook was to go through it all one time. There’s a lot of information inside the ebook that just opened my mind about the importance of hip flexors and how our daily lives are affected by it.

The ebook also has a pictorial guide on the exercises but I rely more on the video link that comes with the purchase.

There’s two videos there: a coaching video and a follow along video. I absolutely love the coaching video as Rick completely go into detail of every exercises while teaching what kind of sensation we should be getting at.

13. unlock your hip flexors coaching video

A screenshot of the 21 minutes coaching video where Rick details out how to do the exercises, what does the exercises seek to do and some tips for greater efficiency. I highly recommend you watch the video in full. It will be the best 21 minutes you will spend to fix your tight hip =)


For example, during a 90 90 kneeling 90 90 kneeling stretch exercise, I’ve learned from the video that we should feel a slight stretch around our front quads to the abs/psoas.

I can tell you that having such information is very important to ensure we are doing it correctly.

If you don’t have enough time, then I’d suggest to skip the ebook entirely and just watch the coaching video (just 20 minutes duration) to learn all about the exercises.

Then you can use the follow along video as guide when doing the exercises.

14. Follow along video

A screenshot of the follow along video where a female model do all the exercises with complete reps. I like to use this sometimes to ensure I’m following the exercises perfectly. It’s only a 11 minutes video which means all 10 exercises can be done in 11 minutes. Not a very long time to spare each day eh?


Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors A Scam?

Definitely not! I’m a living proof that it works and I highly recommend to you to buy the ebook. It’s exercises are simple, not boring, and if done correctly, will give you results from the first session.

Though you need to understand that if you’re working in an environment that need you to sit for hours daily, you will need to do the exercises continuously for it to have a lasting effect.


What Are Included In Unlock Your Hip Flexors Purchase?

There are a few things that you’ll get aside from the standard ebook:

  1. A link to a very helpful coaching video and follow along video (see above)
  2. Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings (ebook and video link). It’s an ebook about how to free up your tight hamstring. It’s a very useful ebook for athletes or people that want to ensure their body can be used as effectively as possible.
  3. 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet all-in-one ebook about how modern diet causes inflammation and is the root cause of diseases nowadays. It also has a very helpful meal plan to help people eat and live healthier.


With every purchase of Unlock Your Hip Flexor, you’ll get 2 extra ebooks for free!


Unlock Your Hip Flexors Pros And Cons

A few benefits that I found from the ebook are:

  • The 10 exercises inside it WORK! It did help unlock my hip flexors!
  • Easy to understand ebook with lots of pictures to help readers understand it
  • Video coaching was very helpful. Rick’s teaching is easy to understand and he go into deep detail about each exercises. Watch this coaching video and you won’t go wrong.
  • For the price of one ebook, you are getting another 2 products: the Unlock Your TIght Hamstrings and 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • I got it cheap for just $10! (clink here to see if the discount is still available)


To be honest, I didn’t really find any faults with it but here’s a couple of things I would like it to have:

  • Despite the sales page says there will be a DVD video coming in with the purchase, all I got was a link to a page showing the video. I don’t really have any problem with this (as I can start watching the video shortly after purchase) but I do think they should change their sales page to reflect this.
  • The exercise instructions in the ebook can be a bit hard to understand at times. That’s why I highly recommend to go through the coaching video instead.

Other than that, Unlock Your Hip Flexors was a good buy and I’m really happy with it.


Unlock Your Hip Flexors Price: Here’s How I Got Mine At A Bargain!

I got my copy of Unlock Your Hip Flexors by buying it on its website for a bargain. It was originally priced at $50 but I got it for $10, almost 80% discount off.

To top it off, there’s also a money back guarantee for up to 60 days if you find the ebook not solving your tight hip.

In my opinion, this is a very low price that I paid compared to the hundreds of dollars that a chiropractic or physiotherapy might charge to do the same thing. And best of all with it solving my tight hip issue, its easily the best $10 I’ve ever paid!


(clink here to see if the discount is still available)




Conclusion: I’m Very Happy With My Unlock Your Hip Flexors Purchase

1.1 Isaac Scott smallOverall, I’m very happy with my purchase of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors ebook.

It’s a very helpful guide covering the basics of our hip region anatomy, the causes of tight hip, how unlocking tight hip can benefit us and the exercises to fix this issue.

It also has a very helpful coaching video to guide you step by step on how to do the exercises correctly.

By doing the exercises almost daily, I’ve noticed that my hip condition has improved though there’s still a bit of tightness there due to my work nature that requires me sitting for hours.

It’s definitely not a scam and I highly recommend the Unlock Your Hip Flexors for those suffering from tight hip flexors.


Thanks for reading my Unlock Your Hip Flexors review. I hope it answered your questions regarding it. Do let me know if you have any other questions regarding it by leaving a comment below.


10 thoughts on “My Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Unlock Your Tight Hips Easily!

  1. Unlock your hip flexor is something that I’ll recommend for those with tight hip problem. I’ve used a lot of the free resources on the internet trying to cure my tight hip but none of them gave a long lasting suiting like this. I definitely agree that the coaching video is so useful! In fact, i even download it and put it on my phone so that i can watch it frequently to correct my techniques. It’s definitely worth my money 😉

  2. By far, this is one of the best ebook internet purchases that I’ve made. While other ebooks are just of low quality, the production value of the unlock your hip flexor is very high. Like you’ve mentioned, the video coaching is definitely one that you should keep and watch – in fact, I’ve downloaded it and stored it on my phone for easy viewing whenever I’m not sure if the next step or how to do the exercises correctly. And the best of all, it works!

    1. Hi Layla. I’m glad that you love the Unlock Your Hip Flexors ebook. Yes, the video coaching is the one that everyone should watch as it’s fully packed with great information. Thanks for your time and dropping these comments to help other people =)

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I did not know there is such a thing, I shall continue to do my exercises to make myself more flexible and at the same time keep myself fit and healthy. I hope I wont encounter such issue as this is very hard to deal with everyday.

    1. Hi Kit. Consistency is the key here. Not doing exercise for a few weeks will surely caught up to you. Thanks for reading buddy =)

  4. Hi Isaac. Thank you very much for your helpful Unlock Your Hip Flexors review. Although I was initially sceptical with it (as I’ve tried lots of exercises on youtube but to no avail previously), I still grabbed a copy of the ebook thinking that I have nothing to lose as there’s a warranty on it.

    Unexpectedly, to my pleasant surprise, the exercises worked! My hips have never been better in the last 20 years! Thanks again for this helpful guide or I don’t think I will ever stumbled upon it.

    1. Hi Jason. I’m happy that my unlock your hip flexors review had helped you to make your decision on the book. My advice is to keep on doing the exercises even though you’ve felt lots better now. If you stop doing the exercises, there’s a chance that the tight hips could come back again, especially if your activity level is fairly the same. Thanks for dropping by and commenting buddy =)

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