How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks Naturally? This Diet Plan Actually Work???

How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks Naturally

I got up from my bed and went straight to the bathroom. While brushing my teeth, I saw a reflection of my naked upper body on the mirror.

I saw something that I didn’t like: a male adult body with his belly bulging out with wide love handles on the sides.

I didn’t like what I saw and I knew at that point of time that I need to do something about my body fast! As in, 2 weeks fast.

If you’re also having the same dilemma and wondering how to lose weight in 2 weeks naturally, then this article will delve into that based on my personal experience.

Did I got your attention? Then, read on!

1. Skinny fat guy

How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks Naturally? Read My Story

1.1 Isaac Scott smallHi there! My name is Isaac and today I want to share how I lost weight in 2 weeks, naturally, using these very effective methods.

I’m going to share with you exactly how I did managed to lose 8 pounds over 2 weeks in this article, so keep on reading.

Throughout my whole adult life, I have been a guy with a skinny fat condition – that means I look skinny with clothes on but in actual, I’ve got lumps of fat over my body mostly around my middle regions (belly, love handles, etc.)

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen one or two guys with this type of body. While it’s something normal among most male adults I know, I’m kind of wished that my body does not have those fats on it.

I’d like to have a more muscular and leaner body like those models and body builders. I do know there are some diet supplements and fat burners (which have some pretty nasty bad effects by the way) out there that might work but I dare not take the risk of eating something without any clear side effects like that.

Because of this insistence of losing weight naturally, I’ve been going to the gym for a few years and tried countless exercise and diet programs. And yet, none of them worked like what I’ve hoped..

Luckily, I found one diet program that actually worked for me….

Introducing The 2 Week Diet Plan That Helped Me Lose 8 Pounds In 2 Weeks Naturally

1. The 2 Week Diet

After years of doing the diet and exercise plans found easily on the internet, I believe that part of why it didn’t work is because I lack a clear direction from these plans.

The issue with the normal diet plans found easily on the internet is these information lack depth. I mean, one site could list out an XX tips on how to lose weight fast and yet some of the tips contradict each other.

Sure, these sites look very nice and popular but I felt that I needed to get a real diet plan if I’m serious to change my body.

It was by pure chance that I stumbled onto a popular diet plan on an internet forum thread discussing about weight loss. The people there were sharing their weight loss achievement with some of them even lost up to 14 pounds in 2 weeks!

Curious, I asked the guys and they shared the link to the The 2 Week Diet Plan. The website of the diet program was packed with lots of logic and sense on weight loss.

women exercise sweating

The best hook was that the author claimed that his diet plan can help anyone lose at least 6 pounds in 2 weeks! Intrigued, I got myself a copy of the ebook and finished reading it in a single day.

It’s by far the most comprehensive resource on weight loss that I’ve ever read. It’s fully packed with information on nutrition, how our body works and how to lose weight, fast.

In fact, I’ve tried it myself and was able to reduce my weight by 8 pounds in just 2 weeks!

By the way, I need to inform you that I did overdo some of the diet tricks while I was in the 2 weeks program which gave my extraordinary result. The diet plan, however, guarantees a 6 pounds weight loss over 2 weeks.

Now, I can’t give out everything in the course, you’ll have to go to the site and try it yourselves but here’s a couple of little tricks that have worked for me that you can try now.


5 Tips On How To Lose Weight In 2 weeks Naturally (taken from The 2 Week Diet Plan):

  1. Tip #1: Create Calorie Deficit Over Time To Lose Weight
  2. Tip #2: Keep Insulin Low To Boost Fat Burning
  3. Tip #3: Low-Carb Diet For Rapid Weight Loss
  4. Tip #4: Do Intermittent Fasting To Turbo-Boost Weight Loss
  5. Tip #5: Weight Resistance Exercises For Metabolism Boost And Muscle Growth


Tip #1: Create Calorie Deficit Over Time To Lose Weight

2. Calorie deficit mealThe 2 Week Diet Plan preaches this first and foremost: you need to create calorie deficit to lose weight.

This means that the amount of calorie that we get from the food we eat must be lower than the amount of calorie our body use.

If we eat more calorie, our body will increase its weight as the excess calorie will be stored inside the body as fat. If we eat less calorie, the body will use the reserve fat as fuel hence reducing our weight.

It sounds so simple and logical that most people know but in hindsight, I knew that I (and most people) was doing it incorrectly.

The thing is I have been depending on my exercises to increase my metabolism and burn more calorie, while keep on eating what I normally eat. It looks like a good plan on the surface.

But what I didn’t know was the amount of extra calorie burnt from my exercises are not that much so much so it didn’t create a fast enough weight reduction.

A rule of thumb is for every pound of body weight, our body need to burnt off 3,500 kcal. But if you’re only burning 200-300 kcal daily from your exercises, it will take 2 weeks and more to see one pound of weight reduction which is very very slow!

And if you’re not discipline with your exercise, it could take longer just to drop one pound!

No wonder my exercises don’t make a dent on my scale. I bet that’s the reason why most people gave up on their weight loss mission. The formula is correct, it’s just that it takes too long to see any weight loss. As a result, people gave up..

The 2 Week Diet Plan uses a combination of various techniques to move the scale as fast as possible with the 4 tips below. But the main idea behind the diet plan is to restrict the calorie we take from our foods to be lesser than our BMR.

What you can do now is to count the calories in your food and compare it against your BMR (check out here for an easy calculation of BMR).

My simple rule of thumb is to avoid fast foods as they contain huge amount of calorie no thanks to the oils used in their cooking.

A simple big mac meal from McDonald’s could have a huge 1,000 kcal when the average BMR for adult men is just 1,600 kcal to 1,800 kcal. No wonder we’re getting fat!

There are some good sites out there that give out some healthy recipes with the amount of calorie associated with the meals. One site that I really like is the with a huge amount of meals selection with different calorie ranges.


Tip #2: Keep Insulin Low To Boost Fat Burning

The next tip that I learnt is the importance of keeping our insulin level as low as possible to boost fat burning.

Insulin is a very popular word. But do you know what it does?

Insulin is produced by our body when we eat. Its primary job is to store excess calorie as glycogen in the liver and muscles. It needs to do this to keep the blood sugar level maintained (not too high, not too low).

But insulin also has a disadvantage to those trying to lose weight – it constraint fat use or mobilization.

Fat mobilization is controlled by the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase (or HSL) and this, in turn, is controlled by insulin. When insulin level is high in our blood, the HSL activity is halted and causes our body to stop using fat as energy source.

It will instead use the available glucose in the blood stream for primary energy. This effectively means every time you eat, you cannot mobilize fat!

With that out of the way, let’s move on to Tips #3 and #4 where I’m going to show you how to keep insulin low and boost fat burning.


Tip #3: Low-Carb Diet For Rapid Weight Loss

3. low carb dietReducing carbohydrate (or carb) is the first way to reduce insulin and then increase fat usage. As you’re eating carb, your body will be tricked into thinking that you’re not eating and will switch to use fat as primary energy source.

Here are some easy ways to reduce carb and lower insulin level in our blood:

  1. Stop drinking sugary water e.g soda, juices, etc. Any drinks that are sweet means it has huge amount of sugar and calorie inside it. Drinking these drinks will cause insulin spike and disrupt fat mobilization.
  2. Stop eating sugary foods/snacks e.g cake, chips, etc. These foods are the same as sugary drinks in which it will cause insulin spike. Both are called empty calories as you’re not getting any nutrient from them and is the worst thing that anyone wanting to lose weight can eat!
  3. Stop or reduce significantly carbohydrate sources from your meals such as bread, potato, pasta, rice (no matter how “whole” it is). While these are better than the sodas and cakes, it still are a source of carbohydrate which can cause insulin spike.


So what should you eat then?


Stick to high protein diet with lots of vegetables. Protein sources from animals are preferred as it contain essential amino acids that is important for cellular functions as well as some dietary fats inside.

Fishes such as salmon are the best as it contain high essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) that is very beneficial to our health.

Vegetables are important to supplement our body with fibers, vitamins and minerals. One effect from eating lots of vegetables that I just noticed is how it makes our digestive system healthier (because of all the fibers duh!) and this have a positive effect on our weight loss goal.


Tip #4: Do Intermittent Fasting To Turbo-Boost Weight Loss

1. Intermittent Fasting For Weight LossThe next tip on how to lose weight in 2 weeks naturally is the use of intermittent fasting to reduce weight easily.

You might have heard this term as it’s currently very popular as one of the more effective weight loss method.

For those that didn’t know, intermittent fasting is “fasting” as in you’re withholding from eating your normal meals. It’s also done sparingly – or intermittently and not everyday.

There are a few ways to do it. The easiest is to just skip lunch so you will be fasting for about 16-18 hours (from your last dinner to lunchtime).

There is also the 24-hour fast (dinner to dinner or lunch to lunch) which I don’t recommend you to do without prior fasting experience using the shorter fast duration.

As I’ve written in Tip #2 above, low insulin level is required to mobilize fat. As you go on for hours without eating any food, your glucose level will drop as well as your insulin level.

Your body will detect this and switch to the glycogen store in your liver and muscle for energy source.

But that glycogen store is limited and once it’s finished, your body will have no choice but to use the fat stored for energy. And this is the whole purpose of the Tips No. 2 to No. 4 here – to force our body to use fat storage.

By keeping insulin level low, we will force it to use stored energy sources. A low carb diet will ensure the glycogen store is very limited. These, coupled with long fasted state from Intermittent Fasting, will force your body to use its fat storage.

What I like about Intermittent Fasting is it’s quite convenient for me who is always busy with my work. Skipping breakfast (for the 16-18 hours fast) and lunch (for the 24-hour fast) once in a while actually is quite liberating as I don’t have to think about what to eat for that meal.

The time not spent eating can be used for various things though I like to use it for power nap (in the lunch). In addition, I find myself more energetic (strange huh?) and this enables me to perform better in my work.

Hunger pangs will surely come but you just need to know it’s only the sign that your belly is empty and nothing else. Just withstand it and it will go away.

In order to combat this, I like to drink some plain water or some tea/coffee to quench my hunger.

Tip #5: Weight Resistance Exercises For Metabolism Boost And Muscle Growth

3. weight training bench press

The last tip is to do full body weight resistance exercise to boost metabolism and muscle growth.

This part is the one that I have least problem with as I was already going to the gym doing weight resistance training regularly.

One thing to note here is that weight resistance training means any exercises that uses weight (either body weight, dumbbells/barbells or machines) that has the main purpose of increasing your muscle mass by training it with higher weight/loads gradually.

This is different than the cardiovascular exercises e.g jogging, swimming, cycling etc. as these are not directly training the muscle to be bigger.

The main reason why weight resistance training is important is because it increases the body’s metabolism (energy will be burned during AND after workout). A higher metabolism means the calorie deficit will greater and hence faster weigth loss.

Exercise also builds muscle mass, and every pound of muscle mass burns at least double the calorie of fat to be maintained. This means your basal metabolic rate (BMR) will be higher if you have higher lean muscle mass in your body.

In addition to this, exercises will stimulate the fat tissue to release fat cells into the blood flow. This is important as those stubborn areas (belly, love handles, thigh) have little blood flowing near them and exercises can help with this.

One thing that I learnt from The 2 Week Diet Plan ebook is to do my exercises on an empty stomach (just prior lunchtime if I’m skipping breakfast). It sounds ridiculous at first (I mean how can I exercise when I’m hungry right?) but it’s actually quite good.

Somehow, doing exercises on an empty stomach is not as bad as I thought and I can still do the exact same thing as I normally did before. If I’m particularly hungry, I’ll grab a coffee beforehand and it will instantly do the trick.

What I love with exercises is how it made me felt rejuvenated and energetic directly after the workout. This can be due to the hormones released when we’re using our body and pushing past its normal performance level.

I really have to say that, exercise (on top of a great diet plan), is one of the best thing that anyone wanting to lose weight can do!



I’ve always thought that losing weight is not that difficult and one can just go to the gym, work your ass off and poof! you’ll get a model/bodybuilder body.

It turns out that is not the case. There’s a lot of things going on if you want to lose weight in addition to just going to the gym.

Previously, I’ve only depended on the numerous articles on the internet on ways to lose weight but I quickly found most of the information are not consistent with each other.

Thank goodness I’ve encountered The 2 Week Diet Plan that contains one of the best laid out day-by-day plan on how to lose weight in just 2 weeks naturally. It’s so easy to understand and the result is really fast!

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight fast! By the way, I bought my copy for $27 (with a $10 discount) from links passed in the forum. Check this link to see if the discount is still available or not.


I hope you have learnt on how to lose weight in 2 weeks naturally from this article. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding it.

I love to hear what you think about this article =)

Till next time.

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  1. Hi there. I have to say this tips surely looks very good and logic to do. Thanks for writing such a helpful diet guide. I’ll try these out and hope it can help my weight.

    1. Hi Bianca. Thanks for the compliment. I personally believe that a natural approach to dieting (instead of using drugs, etc.) is the way to go as it’s more friendly to our body and can be used in our lifetime. Thanks for visiting. Cheers =)

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