How To Lose Belly Fat Fast Using These 7 Effective Tips

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast? These Are The Tips I’ve Used To Lose Belly Fat Fast And Naturally

You’ve been going to the gym for weeks now. But as you look at yourselves in the mirror, you still don’t like what you see.

Your body is slim without much muscles on it. After those gym sessions, you can see some muscular definition around your upper body. So far so good right?

But looking at your stomach, you can still see the dreaded belly and love handles – stubborn fats that just won’t go away.

Your thighs too are full with these fats that are flabby and definitely won’t make you look good in a swimming trunk.

I can totally relate to this situation if you feel the same thing. In fact, I’ve spent most of my living years being a skinny-fat: those that don’t have much muscle and yet have big belly.

But it was all in the past as I’ve managed to turn it around and get the body that I desire. Want to know how to lose belly fat fast? Read on.


1.1 Isaac Scott small

Hi guys! My name is Isaac and I’m the owner of this blog.

Throughout my teenage and adult years, I’ve always been a skinny-fat.

You know, those people who look skinny when wearing clothes but actually have a bulging belly.

For some unknown reason, the fat seems to accumulate around my belly, love handles, butt and thigh.

As I also don’t have much muscles on it, this situation made my body looks soo weird, just like a pear!

1.1 Skinny fat guy

Well, the truth is most of the adults in the world falls into this category – or some people say the normal body of an adult.

While it’s not a bad thing, I yearn for a body that I can be proud of, with and without wearing a shirt.

Fueled by that, I’ve been trying to burn my belly fat to achieve the body that I longed for. After countless searching on the internet, I finally found a program called The 2 Week Diet Plan  that to me, is a complete program on weight and fat loss.

The 99 pages ebook inside it have helped me to learn much more than I’ve learnt from all the websites and youtube videos I’ve frequented.

Now, after 3 weeks of using the diet plan, I’ve managed to reduced my weight by 10 pounds as well as trim of few inches off my belly.

In this article, I’m going to share with you how to lose belly fat fast and naturally that I’ve learnt from the The 2 Week Diet Plan – all without resorting to those dodgy supplements and medicines.


How To Lose Belly Fat Fast? Just Do These 7 Steps!

  1. Start Losing Your Weight By Reducing Calorie/Food Intake
  2. Stop Eating/Drinking Sugary Drinks/Foods
  3. Don’t Eat Fried Foods
  4. Eliminate Carbohydrate From Your Diet
  5. Boost Fat Burning With Intermittent Fasting
  6. Drink More Plain Water
  7. Do Full Body Exercise To Target Fat Burning All Over Your Body


1- Start Losing Your Weight By Reducing Calorie/Food Intake

Weight and fat loss goes hand in hand, that is you can’t lose fat around your belly without losing some weight first.

One thing that most people don’t realize is the amount of belly fat that we have has a direct correlation with our body fat percentage.

1. body fat comparison

As you can see from the chart above, skinny-fats will have a body fat percentage upwards of 20% (I personally had a body fat of 27-28% before).

Obese people will have higher percentage but I’d like to point out that to achieve a flat-abs, you only need to reduce your body fat to lower than 15%.

Which means it’s definitely do-able for us!

We don’t need to go any lower than that as that’s the realm of the magazine models (8-10%), athletes (5%-7%) and very ripped body builders (3%-5%).

So how can we reduce body fat percentage to get us a flat-abs?

The first step is to lose weight by reducing our calorie intake from foods we eat.

The way our body works is by using the calories we eat to be burned or stored for later use. If we’re eating more calorie than what our body will burn daily (or the Basal Metabolic Rate, BMR) then the excess calorie will be stored in our body as fat which will lead to weight increase.

Conversely, if we’re eating lesser calorie than what our body needs, the body don’t have any choice but to burn off our fat to compensate the calorie deficit. As your body weight reduce, you will notice that your belly will become smaller.

A rough indication of BMR is around 1600-1800 kcal/daily for men and 1500-1700 kcal/daily for women.

For the purpose of losing weight, I’d suggest to use this values (though you can also calculate it easily as it can fluctuate depending on your build and stature).

Don’t have an idea how to do a calorie deficit? Don’t worry as the next steps will be a continuation of the tips on how to reduce your calorie effortlessly and effectively.

You can also check out the internet on delicious meal recipes that is satisfying but contain small amount of calories. The is one such website with many healthy and low calorie meals that you can try.


2- Stop Eating/Drinking Sugary Drinks/Foods

5. soda sugar to avoidContinuing from the first step in reducing calorie, the first thing that I always advised my friends and family to cut off is empty calories in sugary drinks and foods.

Yes, I’m talking about sodas, cakes, biscuits, candies, alcohol and many other sweet things.

These are about the worst food that you want to consume if you’re trying to lose belly fat!


There are 2 main reasons why these are such a bad food source:

a) Huge Amount Of Calorie Per Serving

In case you don’t know, sodas, cakes and the like pack huge amount of calorie per serving. A can of soda can have 150-250 kcal and a slice of cake can have 200-600 kcal (these will depends on how sweet it tastes = how much sugar it contents).

Compare this with our BMR (~1600 kcal/daily) and you will notice how much these sugary treats take up so much calorie slot in our daily need.

As an example in a day, you’re drinking 2 cans of coke (total calorie = ~300 kcal), eating breakfast (average ~300 kcal), lunch and dinner (average normal meal ~700 kcal each x 2 = 1400 kcal) for a total of 2000 kcal per day.

Which means you already have an excess calorie of 400 kcal (2000 – 1600) daily! Unless you’re doing moderate amount of movement, these excess calories will be turned to fat! Bye bye flat stomach…

2. Cake full sugar

b) Empty Calories With Little Nutritional Value

Another reason why I really dislike these sugary stuffs is how little nutritional values we’re getting from them.

A soda will have what? Just sugar. A cake? Same, sugar. There’s no vitamins or minerals in these stuffs. There’s even no fiber at all inside these foods!

I’d like to share that I used to also love these foods but as I learn more about nutrition, I realized these are the worst thing a human can eat.

Sure, it tastes good but if you want to lose belly fat, sugary drinks and foods are the things that you MUST AVOID like a plague.

But that’s not to say that you won’t eat them in future. Once you’re already at your target weight and target body, you can enjoy sodas and cakes once in a while.

By then, I’m sure you’ve already mastered the calorie counting of foods and able to adjust your daily calorie intake to maintain your weight even when eating sugary stuffs.


3- Don’t Eat Fried Foods

3. Fried food bad

Next up is fried foods, those yummy and delectable fried foods. Oh how I loved my fried chicken and fries.

And we do love our doughnuts, aren’t we? Those were my usual meals previously but now, I’ve steered clear of them.

Fried foods, especially deep fried foods are not good for our body.

We all know this but what’s exactly the reason behind it?

a) It’s Full With FAT

What’s the thing that’s used to fry our foods? Oil. And what’s oil? Fat in liquid form. When you fry your foods, the food will soak the oil/fat and the end product is a food with huge amount of fats on it.

Sure, it does taste good but it’s definitely not a good thing somebody that want to lose belly fat will eat!


b) Fried Foods Are High In Calorie

Due to the huge amount of fats in it, fried foods tend to contain much higher calorie than the same food that have been cooked differently (grilled, steamed, etc.).

Consider this, a gram of fat consists of 9 kcal, more than doubles what a gram of protein and carbohydrate have (4 gram).

So no wonder if your diet is full of fried foods, your calorie intake will be quite high and this will be a roadblock in your weight loss goal.


c) High Temperature Frying Can Convert The Oil into Trans Fat

Another very dangerous thing about fried foods is the oil can be changed to trans fat due to the high temperature during cooking.

Trans fat is the worst type of fat that you can consume (I’ve written a bit about fat in the next steps) as it’s linked to a lot of critical diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer!


I hope I’ve driven the point across to you. Fried foods, even though is very delicious and tempting, is one of the big NO when it comes to dieting and losing belly fat.

In fact, even if you’re already at a good weight, fried foods can be hazardous to your health. I strongly recommend steaming as a way of cooking your foods as it’s oil and fat free method to cook.


4- Eliminate Carbohydrate From Your Diet

4. carbohydrate

The next step in your journey is to eliminate carbohydrate (or carb) from your food.

Yes, I’m talking about those pasta, bread, potato, rice etc.

Everyone knows that carbohydrate gives us fuel and energy to go by our day.

Some people says that they can’t even function properly if they don’t get their daily consumption of carb.

But that’s just not true. All the big three macro-nutrient (carb, protein and fat) can provide energy i.e calories when our body burns it.

Carb and protein will provide 4 kcal per gram while fat has a higher energy at 9 kcal per gram. Looking at this, why does people say carb is the best energy source?

The reason is carb is easily digested and turned into energy. Most carbs (pasta, bread, rice, etc.) are in the form of complex carbohydrate.

The enzymes in our mouth and intestines will break it down into glucose which will seep through our bloodstream.

And this glucose is much easier to be used as fuel by our body compared to amino acids (from protein) and fatty acids & glycerol (from fat), making it the perfect candidate for easy energy supply for human.

In addition, carb sources are much cheaper compared to protein (meats, fish etc.) which further increased its appeal as primary food source.

While carb is not exactly bad for human, it’s not a good food source for anyone wanting to lose belly fat fast.


Carbohydrate And Insulin

The reason is if you eat carb, your body will automatically create insulin (note: insulin will also be produced if you eat sugary foods/drinks, hence why it’s also a bad idea to eat cake/soda).

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard about insulin. It’s a famous hormone that’s released when we eat foods. But do you know insulin is our worst enemy? (by “our” I mean those of us who have excess belly fats lol!)

When we eat, insulin level will rise. It’s main function is to store excess calorie/energy as glycogen in the liver and muscles for immediate use.

The reason it’s doing this is to ensure a constant level of glucose/sugar in our blood.

Low (hypoglycemia) and high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar levels are bad for human and can cause a myriad of medical conditions.

But why is insulin bad for us again?

The reason is because if the glycogen store in the liver and muscle are full/saturated, any extra glucose will be transported to fat cells and stored as fat. And that’s the one thing that we don’t want!

Which is why if you don’t eat carb, insulin release will be minimal. Your body will then sense this lowered insulin level and will proceed to use glycogen stored in the liver as energy source.

But once that’s finished, it will have no recourse but to use your fats (around your belly, thigh, etc.) as fuel. And that’s the thing that we want to happen!


So What To Eat Then?

3.1 2 week diet meals

Instead of your usual bread, pasta, rice etc., switch to protein based meals consisting of primarily fish, chickens, or beef with lots of vegetables.

I personally like fish as it has lesser saturated fats than the others while having higher level of the good fats (omega 3 & 6).

I should also mention that our body will have to use more energy to digest and use protein sources as primary fuel – so you can expect your BMR to increase when eating protein-based diet =)


5- Boost Fat Burning With Intermittent Fasting

1. Intermittent Fasting For Weight LossIntermittent fasting is one of weight loss method that is growing in popularity.

The idea is you will fast (by skipping meals) for a few hours for a day.

There’s a few type of intermittent fasting like a 16 hours fast (from previous day dinner to current day lunch) and 24 hour fast (dinner to dinner or lunch to lunch). I’d say anything more than 24 hours are extreme and should be used with caution.

The fact is we’re actually fasting everyday during our sleep. Assuming your last dinner is 8 pm, most people will fast until 8 am the next day. Even the term “break fast” is actually originated from this.

Although it can be very hard to do, intermittent fasting have lots of benefits. (I’ve actually written a post on how intermittent fasting have helped me lose weight. You can read it here)

When we’re fasting, our blood sugar will be going down and so does insulin level. What happens is the body will have to use glycogen stored in the liver to sustain life.

But we know that the glycogen store is limited so the body will have to tap into its fat cells for energy.

After all, that’s what fats are for: as reserve energy during critical times. This is exactly the same thing how most mammals survive through winter which is why it’s perfectly safe to fast.

Another thing that I’d like to point out is that intermittent fasting is able to help with calorie deficit. As you’re skipping one or two meals on that day (depending on what type of intermittent fasting you used), the amount of calorie consumed will be much lower than usual.

BUT do remember to ensure that your break fast meal has normal portion as what you’ll usually eat. If you go and get the biggest meals due to hunger with the same calorie count as your BMR, there will be little to no weight loss there….


6- Drink More Plain Water

5. woman drinking waterI’m not going to lie, these steps above will take a toll on you. You will feel hungry as your body tries to adapt to lowered calorie intake.

Intermittent fasting, in particular, can be very hard if you’re used to 3-meals per day.

While some people recommend to eat nuts, raisins or other natural foods as healthy snacks to satisfy your hunger, I’d recommend to drink just plain ol’ water.

The thing is even nuts or raisins can have some calorie in it – and calorie is not what we want. Not only that, based on my personal experience, this healthy snacks can wreck havoc to your diet IF you’re not careful on how much you’re eating them. It’s hard to stop eating those nuts, I can tell you….

So my recommendation is to just drink plain water to stop your hunger from becoming unbearable. You can also drink plain tea or coffee but I prefer water because you just can’t over-drink plain water.

Besides keeping you from feeling too hungry, drinking more water has lots of benefits such as keeping you hydrated, flushing your internal organs and boosting metabolism by keeping our kidney and liver perform at optimum level.


7- Do Full Body Exercise To Target Fat Burning All Over Your Body

The last tips is doing exercise. While adjustment to your diet (as the 6 tips above) can help to lose belly fat, it is exercise that will turbo-charged your belly fat journey.

The reason is simple: exercise will increase your metabolism and stimulate release of fat from stubborn areas – so you can lose those love handles fast!

As I’ve explained in the first tips above, our body will lose weight if we’re eating lesser calorie than our BMR.

By exercising, we will be able to increase the calorie expenditure causing the deficit to be larger and hence, greater weight loss.

So what type of exercise should you do?


I recommend a mix of cardiovascular exercise (running, jogging, bicycle, swimming etc.) and full body exercise to get the most benefit. In the end, you can include some core and abs exercises.

Cardiovascular exercise is very good to keep our heart pumping at a high rate, and this is very important for our overall health (especially to prevent heart diseases).

But doing only it alone won’t give you the most benefit. I’ve seen most people only do cardiovascular exercises when they try to lose weight and this is one of the biggest mistake.

Cardiovascular exercise will increase your metabolism but it will only affect the leg muscles. To get the most benefit from exercise, a full body workout should be done.

What I usually do now is start my exercise session with 10-15 minutes of jogging. Then I will continue with some full body workout utilizing some exercises such as:

  • bench press
  • squat
  • military/shoulder press
  • pull up


I prefer to do compound exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time. These exercises will work all the big muscles around our body, and he more muscles that’s being used, the more metabolic benefit that we will get.

In addition, these exercises will build our muscle mass which will help a lot as more muscles means more calorie will be burn even during resting (higher BMR). A more muscular body will also help to make your belly look smaller =)

To end the exercise session, you can do some core and abs exercises such as:

  • plank
  • bridge
  • sit up
  • knee raises

Doing these exercises can help blood flowing towards the stubborn belly areas which will make sure the fat mobilization from the cells more easily done.


Want To Lose Weight And Belly Fat In Just 2 Weeks? Learn The Full 2 Week Diet Plan!

1. The 2 Week Diet
If you want to lose weight and belly fat in just 2 weeks, I highly recommend that you grab The 2 Week Diet Plan.

It’s one of the good value for money diet program out there (just $37) as it contain lots of beneficial information about how our body works and what to do to lose weight fast.

In addition, the 4 dieting methods inside The 2 Week Diet Plan really works in dropping your weight fast! I’ve tried it myself and managed to drop 10 pounds in just 3 weeks!

I’ve learnt a lot from the ebook and it had changed my life forever. I’m sure it will do the same with you =)


By the way, I picked the ebook up for $27, a $10 discount off its usual retail price. You can check this link and see if the discount is still there =)




Losing belly fat is not very hard. The 7 tips that I’ve detailed out above works very well in reducing your weight and belly fat.

As it’s based on logic, science and my personal (plus countless others) experiences, I’m pretty sure it will help you with your body.

But one thing that I want to stress here is the importance of discipline.

While the 7 tips above looks easy on paper, it can be very hard to do in real life, especially if you’re already accustomed with the sugar & fat laden western diet your whole life.

Most people are going to start with diet for a few days then stop doing it because it’s just too hard for them to do.

The last and most important advice that I can give to you is to be consistent and maintain discipline when doing these diet tips.

One thing that have helped me in the past is to weigh and measure your body every day or 2 days. That way, you will remain motivated as you see your weight and belly measurement reduce over time =)


I hope you have learn a lot on how to lose belly fat fast from this article. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding it.

I love to hear what you think about this article =)

Till next time.

8 thoughts on “How To Lose Belly Fat Fast Using These 7 Effective Tips

  1. I’ve been trying to lose my belly fat for years. Perhaps I’m going to give it another do with your tips. Wish me luck Isaac!

    1. Hi Jordan. I’m pretty sure these tips are going to be very beneficial for you – as it has worked for me in the past. But if you would like to learn the full technique of losing weight fast, I highly recommend The 2 Week Diet Plan as it has lots more information that I just couldn’t cover here (it’s a 99 pages e-book after all). I got mine from a discount link for just $27 instead of the usual $37 price.

  2. All I can say is this guide is definitely one of the best that I’ve read. In fact, I managed to lose a full 1kg in the past week of doing it! Thanks very much Isaac for such great information!

    1. Hi Ellis. This guide is based on science, which is why it worked perfectly. Keep on doing it and you’ll be able to shed off more pounds than ever =)

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