How To Cure Sciatica Pain At Home? Try These 4 Basic Principles To Treat Your Sciatica At Home Easily

If you’ve had enough of sciatica pain nagging your life, don’t lose hope! In this article, I’m going to show you four effective principles that I’ve personally tried on how you can cure sciatica pain at home.

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Cure sciatica pain at home

My Story And How I Cure My Sciatica Pain

1.1 Isaac Scott smallHi Guys!

My name is Isaac and I’m the owner of this website. I’ve had some issues with my back a few years ago which resulted in me getting sciatica pain.

As you guys might have known, sciatica pain is terribly annoying, and can be hard to predict. But with time, I’ve managed to treat my sciatica pain it until I’ve been mostly free of it right now.

And here, I’m going to share the exact sciatica pain treatments to you.

Curing sciatica pain at home is not hard to do, you only need some knowledge and consistency in doing so.

And this is one of main thing that I want to let you know: the principles or techniques that I’m going to share here will work absolutely work and help you cure sciatica pain but you need to put consistent efforts into doing it daily.

You’ll get some relieve after doing it once, but to really stop sciatica pain, you’ll need to put the work diligently every day. Only then you’ll be able to stop the pain forever.


How To Cure Sciatica Pain At Home?

Below are the 4 basic principles on how to cure sciatica pain at home:

  1. Doing Exercises At Home
  2. Eat A Balanced Diet
  3. Home Remedies
  4. Sleep Correctly

1- Doing Exercises At Home

The first principle is Doing Exercises At Home. Exercise is an important component (or should I say the most important component) of any sciatica treatment plan.

By stretching and strengthening parts of your body, you’re able to reduce sciatica pain and speed up recovery. You can read my previous post on the 11 best exercise for sciatica treatment.

But beware, not all exercises will work for treating sciatica.

While the most effective exercises depend on the underlying reason of your sciatica pain, it’s not entirely clear cut. For me, I always keep a note on how my body reacts to certain exercises.

You’ll be able to tell if you’re feeling better or worse off after doing certain exercises. Then keep on doing the ones that make you feel better and stop doing those that make you feel worse.

If you feel that your body is reacting badly to any exercises, then I suggest doing these exercise moderately and not to the full range of motion.

Remember, it’s always better to do a bit of exercise than not exercising at all. Not exercising at all will almost certainly make your sciatica pain worse, as your muscles become tight and weakened.

It’s also important to keep your body relaxed to allow it to heal after exercising. One good way to do this is by doing brisk walking. Other light activities can also have a similar effect (e.g casual swimming, cycling, etc.).

Just remember to continuously gather feedback from your body – if you feel somewhat off and worse, then stop immediately.

2- Eat A Balanced Diet

In trying to cure sciatica pain, it’s often not enough to just treat the physical side. You also need to improve your diet by eating a balanced meals to heal you internal body to keep sciatica pain from appearing again.

The easiest and best way to reduce sciatica pain (or any other physical related pain for the matter) is to drink more water.

Drinking more water helps a lot with our internal systems.

If you have back pain or spin issues (which is the root cause of a good deal of sciatica pain), the plain water you drink will help to inflate the spine giving a healthier back.

And I’m talking about plain, room temperature water here, not any of those sweetened drinks many people enjoy.

Although I do love my sweetened drinks and sodas, these are the worst drinks that you’ll ever consume if you want to cure your sciatica pain.

It’s well-known that sugar has an inflammatory effect on our body and sweetened drinks are just full of it.

Inflammation is one of the key reasons why sciatica pain happens and it’s and important part in curing it completely.

One of the ways to reduce inflammation is by eating more fresh vegetables.

Don’t underestimate how much goodness a fresh green vegetable will bring to your body. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals, and those leafy green veges (e.g kale, spinach, etc.) are fully packed with anti-inflammatory properties that helps with curing sciatica pain.

3- Home Remedies

The third principle is to take home remedies. Home remedies to cure sciatica pain are great stuffs as it don’t require expensive ingredients or prescription.

Often times, it will work relatively quick and you can just use the items lying around your house or you can easily buy them at any grocery store.


One of the simplest home remedies is peanuts. Peanuts contain lots of magnesium which is crucial for allowing muscles around the sciatic nerve to relax.

This will make it more likely to loosen up and reduce compression around the nerve.

I also like some natural juices such as from carrots, celery, ginger and cherry. These ingredients have natural analgesic effect that can relieve pain, without the negative side effects of medical painkillers.

You can also try drinking elderberry tea which is fully packed with many flavanoids, anti-oxidants and numerous vitamins (A, B & C). It’s one of the popular teas in terms of helping to reduce muscular pain.

While cold/hot patches are not necessarily “home” type of remedies, I love how it’s easy to be used and affordable, especially the re-usable ones.

Want to know the best thing about these patches? It work. And it work very fast! Simply putting the patch on your affected area and it will swiftly relieve you of the pain.

In addition, you can also bring these patches along anywhere you go (work, vacation, etc.) and keep it nearby as part of your first aid kit.

4- Sleep Correctly

Does your sleeping position affect your sciatica pain?

Yes it does!

Sleep is very important because it’s the time when your body can relax and rejuvenate itself. For a sciatica pain sufferer, sleep can be quite hard if the pain strikes when you’re sleeping.

Which is why the correct sleeping technique is important to ensure you’re not putting undue stress on the sciatic nerve while sleeping.

Two main ways to sleep that I personally use is the lying on your side method and lying on your back with knees propped up method.

1. Sleep on sides for sciatica

Above: Lying on side sleeping method


3. Sleep on back with knees propped up for sciatica

Above: Lying on back with knees propped up method

I really recommend that you try these 2 sleeping methods. You’ll notice that both methods have the similarity of reducing stresses on the lower back.

This is very crucial to keep the sciatic nerve that runs around there free of unnecessary stresses.

In addition, these 2 methods will also help those with lower back problem too. If you want more information about how to sleep correctly with sciatica pain, read my previous post about it here.


Choosing the Right Cure for Sciatica Pain at Home?

Each of these sciatica home treatments can be effective in its own right, though I highly recommend that you do all four together to reap the best rewards.

Do keep in mind that not everyone’s body is the same. The above principles have worked for me but might not have the same effect on you.

I’d recommend to keep track of how you feel after doing each of these methods. From there, you can make an assessment of how your body reacts to different treatments.

Then, you’ll be able to choose the treatments that worked best to your own body.

I got all my knowledge about how to cure sciatica pain at home from and ebook program written by a sciatica expert.

The ebook, called “Sciatica SOS” taught me how to cure sciatica pain in less than seven days, from the comforts of my home (you read my review of the ebook here).

I highly recommend everyone to read the ebook. I’m sure it will help you as much as it had helped me.

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I hope this article will help you to cure sciatica pain at home. Do let me know if you have any questions about this by commenting below.


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