Sciatica SOS Review: My Personal Experience Using This Life Changing Guide to Cure Sciatica!

My Sciatica SOS Review

Sciatica SOS Review: My Personal Experience Using This Helpful Guide to Cure Sciatica!

My review of Sciatica SOSIf you’re currently searching for a quick and cheap solution to solve your sciatica problem, then this Sciatica SOS ebook is a great solution!

I’ve personally used it to combat my sciatica pain and found that it’s easy to read with sufficient pictures to help guide people.

Best of all, it’s not just a quick fix – it gives lots of tips on how to cure sciatica once and for all! In this Sciatica SOS review, I’m going to cover everything about this ebook and what I think about it.


Hi there! My name is Isaac and in this post I’m going to review the Sciatica SOS ebook.

I was a victim of slipped disc – blame it on me trying to bust my ego with doing heavy dead lifts – and suffers from lower back pain.

As you might have known, lower back pain and sciatica usually goes hand in hand with the latter is usually a symptom of the former.

Dead lift
Dead lift is a very good exercise – if done correctly. Doing it with a bad form will only cause more trouble!

I can still remember that day went suddenly there was a “pop” sound coming from my back when I was lowering the barbell down during dead lift.

I thought it was just the usual bone clashing sound but as soon as I felt my movement was restricted, I know something was not right.

From that point, my journey with back pain and sciatica started!

Back pain was never easy to me. It’s hard and really restricts my movement.

To top it off, the sciatica pain was felt from my butt throughout my thigh making it very hard to walk sometimes.

That cramped and stinging feel really took a lot from me during my everyday life – I was commuting using train to work everyday so you can imagine how hard it was to me on daily basis!

Lower back pain and sciatica definitely made my life bad!

sciatica slipped disc

How I Came Across Sciatica SOS

After that gym incident, I immediately bought some ice & hot packs to put on my back – looking back, that was my best action as ice and hot packs helped a lot with pain (it even is covered in the Sciatica SOS, more on that later).

Once I’ve had a few days of bed rest, I went to see a couple of doctors and chiropractors to help with the lower back pain.

To some degree, they’ve helped reduced it so that I can still walk and sit. But man, I felt like a 60 year old guy!

My hand was always at my back, trying to support it and relieve some pain either when walking or standing.

The sciatica pain was a pain in my butt (literally!) so much so I found myself stopping halfway while walking to sit!

And these happened despite the treatment done by my chiropractor!

I did what millenials do when forced to a corner: search for a solution on the internet.

And that’s when I found Sciatica SOS, an ebook by Glen Johnson that promised to cure sciatica pain in 7 days.

My Sciatica SOS Review

The ebook is a kinda like an encyclopedia on sciatica specifically and lower back pain in general.

In it, Glen wrote about everything related to sciatica from it’s causes, home remedies, exercises and useful tips.

It has greatly improved my understanding on sciatica and helped my overcome it once and for all!

In this Sciatica SOS review article, I’ll be giving a rundown on some sections of the ebook that have helped me a lot in my struggle with sciatica.

Sciatica Causes: How Knowing The Exact Root Cause Will Help A Lot In Curing Sciatica

The ebook stressed that it’s very important to know what’s the root cause of sciatica. This can differs from person to person as sciatica is actually a symptom or pain that’s caused by a medical condition.

Most often that not, the sciatic nerve is impinged by either the backbone or the muscles around it. When the nerve is pressed, pain will shoot up from that location.

In the case of sciatica sufferers, our sciatic nerve is always held at gunpoint by these impinging sources. Which is why the pain will come when we’re moving in a certain way that pushed these nerves.

The only way to know the root cause is by going to a doctor, which is usually accompanied by an X-ray or MRI scan.

From my diagnosis, it was found that I had herniated or bulging disc around my lower spine. From then, I can target the exercises that I need to do for maximum efficiency in reducing my sciatica pain (more on that later)

Among some of the causes for sciatica are:

  1. Bulging/herniated spine disc
  2. Lumbar spinal stenosis
  3. Spondylolisthesis
  4. Piriformis syndrome
  5. Trauma
  6. Spinal tumors

Home Remedies That Work Wonders For Sciatica!

Carrot juice relieve sciatica

Also in the ebook, it details some home remedies that can be used to help with sciatica. My favorite is the carrot juice recipe that’s not only tasty, but full of nutrients inside it.

A major factor in sciatica pain is inflammation in our body that causes the swelling (either in the spine or muscles) that impinged on the sciatic nerve.

Drinking the carrot juice recipe helps with that as it is a natural anti-inflammatory while also helping to improve blood flow.

There’s also the cherry juice recipe that help to reduce uric acid buildup which can also has positive effect on sciatica pain. And best of all, it’s so tasty!

Exercises Are A Must To Cure Sciatica

While we can use prescription drugs and the remedies above to reduce sciatica pain, the ebook highly recommends that exercises are a must if we want to truly cure ourselves from sciatica pain.

Painkiller drugs work like a band aid – effective only on the short run by masking the pain from our consciousness.

Any doctor worth his salt would recommend exercises to overcome sciatica pain in the long run.

In general, exercises for sciatica centered around 2 major goals: to decrease sciatica pain short term, and to prevent future pain by strengthening and conditioning the body.

What I learnt from the ebook, excessive resting on bed is not a good idea. It’s needed when the pain come up but not doing any exercise due to fear of the pain will only cause our body to be weakened. Furthermore, an active body promotes a healthy spinal discs and muscles.

In this section, the root cause diagnosed by your doctor will be required as the ebook detailed out what exercises are the best for each root cause.

Back Extension Exercise: A Great Lower Back And Sciatica Relief

For example in my case (herniated disc), the lying press-ups worked wonders for me. It helps ease stress off my lower back almost immediately!

If you also have slipped disc, you got to try this! This exercise is also called as extension exercise that helps to “push” forward the disc.

lying back extension

Lying down back extension exercise

Just lie down on the floor and propped up your upper body on your elbows. Be careful not to push all the way up too fast as your spine can be very sensitive.

Feel a slight stretch on your lower back and enjoy the relieve it gives. Just be wary to not hold this position for a long time.

I tried to not go more than 20-30 seconds as after that I’ll feel a mild pain around my lower back. Try it yourselves and you’ll soon get the feeling of what’s the limit for you.

By the way, I’ve also found the standing variation of the extension exercise as a lifesaver, especially since I usually work long hours in the office, sitting in fron of my desk.

Every hour or so, I’ll stand up and push out by stomach to the front while keeping the lower part of my body straight. If you’re shy, you can go to the washroom and performed this without anyone looking.

Standing back extension

Standing back extension exercise

Strengthen Our Core

While the extension exercise will provide immediate relieve, we also need to strengthen our core muscles to help prevent future sciatica pain occurrence.

My favorite core exercise is the leg raise while lying on my back. It’s a good way to help strengthen my lower back muscles (just make sure to clench it adequately) while being easy on my back.

lying down leg raise

Lying down leg raise

If you’re suffering sciatica pain due to other causes, I’d suggest to read the full ebook to learn more about which specific exercise is the best for your case.

Hamstring Stretch: Do This To Relieve Sciatica Pain In Thighs

The ebook also taught that the hamstring stretch is very important to all sciatica sufferers, irregardless of any root cause they might have.

The whole rational is a tight hamstring will lead to higher stress on the lower back. Also, those suffering sciatica due to piriformis syndrome will usually have tight piriformis muscles that is the cause.

The stretches can help to also relieve the tightness on the piriformis muscles.

This stretch can be done in many ways, either standing or sitting. My favorite is the standing variation because it’s easy to do without having to sit on the floor.

From my experience, stretching my hamstring helped a lot in reducing sciatica pain behind my tight.

Above: Sitting hamstring stretch


Above: Standing hamstring stretch

Tip: it’s better if you watch the videos on youtube for the exercises and stretches to gain a better understanding on how to do it.

The ebook did a great job in outlining “what” exercises to do for your specific condition but it’s a bit lacking in the “how” part.

I found that looking at videos on youtube is a great way to learn how to do those exercises correctly and improve its effectiveness.

Apart from the above, the Sciatica SOS ebook also taught many things all sciatica sufferers should know such as the best way to sleep while relieving stress on our lower back (definitely worth a shot!), diet rules we should follow to reduce inflammation in our body, home therapy techniques, posture troubleshooting and lots of other tips and tricks.

Is Sciatica SOS A Scam?

By all means, no. It’s definitely not a scam! I find that the ebook contains lots of golden nuggets that will really helped a lot with my struggle on sciatica pain.

It’s 80++ pages are fully packed with information that helped me to understand sciatica pain, the root causes and the best exercises to deal with my condition.

The tips and lifestyle changes recommended in it also helped to reduce the pain unconsciously.

But most importantly, just like all health related things, it requires a conscious application of the tips and exercise on a daily basis.

Only by being diligent and have discipline on doing the stuffs can we cure our sciatica pain in the 7 days that Sciatica SOS advertised.

What’s Included in the Sciatica SOS

In addition to the above information in the ebook, there are a couple of bonuses that was offered when I bought the ebook such as:

  1. Lessons From Miracle Doctors ebook
  2. Sleeping Solace ebook
  3. 10 Ways to Fight Off Cancer ebook
  4. Stress Soothers ebook
  5. How To Lose 10 Pounds Naturally ebook

Of course, I was very pleased to be getting all of these bonuses. It’s not exactly related to my sciatica pain but I’ll be happy to get more useful knowledge in making my body and life better. (Click here to see if the offer is still included)

Sciatica SOS Pros And Cons

The Sciatica SOS has lots of pros such as:

  • Everything is written in an easy to read and understand way
  • Many pictures to help understand the information
  • A very comprehensive guide on sciatica pain – from the root causes, to immediate measures, to ways to solve the pain permanently

To be honest, I didn’t really find any faults with it but here’s a couple of things I would like it to have:

  • Most of the exercises only have single image. I’d really like if Glen could include easy step by step pictures to help understand the flow of the exercise better.
  • As the ebook was written with a normal computer user in mind, it’s a bit harder to read on a smartphone.

Sciatica SOS Price: Here’s How I Got Mine At A Bargain!

My review of Sciatica SOSI got my copy of Sciatica SOS by buying it on its official website for a bargain. It was originally priced at $69 but I got it for $37, almost 50% discount off!

In addition, Glen also give a money back guarantee for up to 60 days if you find the ebook not solving your sciatica pain.

In my opinion, this is a low price I paid compared to the thousands of dollars of chiropractic and physiotherapy sessions that I would have needed otherwise.

And with it solving my sciatica pain once and for all, its easily the best $37 I’ve ever paid!

Conclusion: I’m Very Happy With Sciatica SOS!

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase of the Sciatica SOS ebook.

It’s an all in one ebook about sciatica covering the whole thing you’ll need to know about it, from the causes, its symptoms, quick fix tips, exercises, recommended diets and many more.

By implementing its teachings everyday, I found that my sciatica pain vanished, and my lower back pain reduced at the same time.

It’s definitely not a scam and I highly recommend the Sciatica SOS for those suffering from sciatica.


Don’t forget to check if the discount is still available here <<. 


Lastly, thanks for reading my Sciatica SOS review. I hope it answered your questions regarding it. Do let me know if you have any other questions regarding it by leaving a comment below.


8 thoughts on “Sciatica SOS Review: My Personal Experience Using This Life Changing Guide to Cure Sciatica!

  1. Hello Isaac,
    I don’t have Sciatica, but I feel for you and those that do. I have had my share of back problems though and I think the exercises you have here in this great review will be great for my back as well.
    Would an Inversion Table also benefit people with Sciatica SOS? I know it has helped me a lot.
    Thanks for sharing. If I ever know anyone with Sciatica, I will refer them to your site and let them know about Sciatica SOS.
    All the best,

    1. I’ve only tried inversion table once but I think it’s a good way to relieve stress around lower back which will help with sciatica pain =)

  2. As a fellow user of the Sciatica SOS ebook, I can say it’s definitely one of the legit program out there that helps with sciatica. It’s cheap, and for the amount of information that I got, it was a good value for money spent. I love the numerous tips inside the ebook.

    One advice to those having sciatica is to make sure to use the tips regularly throughout the day for maximum and fast effect.

    1. Hi Mike. I’m really glad that you’re having a positive effect from using the Sciatica SOS. Yes, you’re definitely correct. A consistent and discipline use of the tips is needed to make sure that sciatica won’t come back after you’ve managed to get rid of it.

  3. Hi there Isaac. I’ve just tried the hamstring stretch and i can definitely feel an improvement with lessening sciatica attack. I’m goin to buy this ebook and hope it will be a good one for me 🙂

    1. Hi Josh. Great that you’ve felt the difference! Continue to do the other treatments and I’m sure you’ll be able to beat sciatica pain in no time =)

  4. I just have to say thank you for this sciatica sos review. This is one of the best ebooks that I’ve ever bought. Not only the tips are practical, it actually works! Shout out to you my man for putting this helpful sciatica sos review for people like me to read. Thanks again buddy!

    1. Hi Evans. I’m glad that you’ve managed to treat your sciatica pain issue. It was the primary objective of my writing this sciatica sos review so that more people will be able to read my experiences with it first hand. Thanks for dropping by and commenting buddy =)

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